Suswam Senate bid suffers set back

Posted: October 14, 2014 in Benue 2015, News, political, Politics
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As Ayabam joins race


Mr. Andrew Ayabam

The percieved smooth sail of Governor Gabriel Suswam to the senate may have hit rocky waters as former Chiarman of the Benue Internal Revenue Service (BIRS) and seasoned banker, Mr. Andrew Ayabam  has joined the race  to slug it out with the erstwhile acclaimed unopposed candidate.


Gov. Gabriel Suswam

In an exclusive chat with atiterkula, Ayabam, who is from the favoured Kwande/Ushongo Federal constituency which was popularly touted for loaning the position to SANKERA and specifically Suswam, said his decision to run was an indication that the Kwande/Ushongo people had not loaned anybody their due.
According to the banking czar, his joining the race was not in antagonism of his erstwhile boss but out of the need to bring the needed development to his people.
Refutting the rumour of alleged loaning of the position, Ayabam described the purported loan as a hoax by a mischievous lot to extort money from the governor.
Lamenting the lack tangible government presence in the entire federal constituency, he further wondered why it will be believed that in a federal constituency which prides itself with professionals and technocrats, there will be a lack in someone capable to represent it at the senate.
It will be worthy to note that according to the zoning formula, Ushongo is favoured to clinch the seat being the other half of the Kwande/Ushongo federal constituency, as such with Kwande in hot contest for the House of Representatives,the Ushongo half has been favoured to pick the senate.
However prior to this endorsement, a group of politicians and traditional leaders had in a controversial ceremony, declared their decision to loan the position to Suswam on the grounds of want of candidate to fill the slot.

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