2015: Makurdi/Guma Records Violence

Posted: October 4, 2014 in BENUE, Benue 2015, Crime, makurdi, News, political
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In the build up to the forthcoming polls violence has gradually begun to manifest in Benue State, as the race to determine who goes to represent Makurdi/Guma Federal Constituency thickens at Federal House of Representatives.
This contest which has since gone dirty, yesterday nearly claimed the life of a commercial bus driver simply known as, Sir Holy,  who was attacked and beaten to a pulp for agreeing to paste a flex sticker with an aspirant’s (Mr. Dickson Tarkigh) campaign message, by young men suspected to be hired by another aspirant (Hon. John Tondo).

The driver of the white HIACE bus with EKITI vehicle registration number, AE 137EFY, in an exclusive interview, narrated that he was attacked by 7 young men along Yogbo road in North Bank area of Makurdi for agreeing to carry Mr. Tarkigh’s advert on his commercial bus.
According to Sir Holy, who is critically hurt, he had packed his bus at about 7:30 pm on Friday when 7 young men approached him bearing a gun and various harmful weapons, enquiring why he agreed to carry Tarkigh’s advert on his bus, while ordering him to peel them off. The bus driver who informed them that he was non-partisan but only paid to carry the advert was heavily descended upon and the flex banners on his bus ripped off, save for the rear glass.
The driver who has sought medical attention and since reported the matter to the Zone C police division North bank, also informed that his assailants, whom he disclosed that he could identify in a facial parade of suspects, are constant faces at a popular snooker joint on Yogbo road, where Tondo supporters are known to hang around.
It could be recalled that only recently, Mr. Dickson Tarkigh’s bill boards were defaced by hoodlums suspected to be sponsored by Hon. John Tondo. This is even as he was also in the centre of a controversy involving the loss of Tarkigh’s step-mother’s corpse.

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