BSU Lecturer in Rape Scandal

Posted: September 28, 2014 in BENUE, Crime, makurdi, News
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. threatens victim’s family


A lecturer in the faculty of social sciences at the Benue State University(BSU),  simply known as Aondona, has been accused of rape and sexual harrasment.
The incident which took place Sunday at a popular eatery beside the school where the victim went to buy suya, has left the two hundred level  student in an emotional trauma.
According to the victim, she had gone to the popular eatery to buy suya when the lecturer accosted her with a threat for earlier reporting him to her father who is a visiting lecturer, for previous advances by the lecturer.
Unfortunately, the discussion turned sour as after the issued threat the victim who was on the way to school was stopped by hefty young men who demanded that she followed them to him, unfortunately she refused which led to her abduction and she was taken to the lecturer’s car where he harrased her.
When confronted by the victims family, the said lecturer threatened to deal with the family claiming to be highly connected.
When atiterkula called the lecturer to confirm the incident he rudely declined knowledge of and cut his phone.

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