Posted: September 15, 2014 in Paid Adverts, press releases/ News letter
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Since the inception of the present administration, Benue state has been acclaimed to be the most peaceful state in the nation, a feat that has been made possible owing to extra efforts of the present peace loving government of His Excellency, Rt. Hon Gabriel Suswam. This status has earned the state accolades and even drawn home investors. This we are ready to sacrifice now as the state Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Chief Emmanuel Agbo and his sponsor have vowed to scuttle peace and return the violence once witnessed in the state. It is based on this ugly situation that we observe and state thus:

  1. The Minister of Interior, Comrade Abba Moro, and the State PDP Chairman, Dr Agbo Emmanuel, are at each other’s throat over the leadership of Okpokwu Local Government and the Benue South Senatorial District.
  2. That behind Dr Agbo Emmanuel, is the Deputy Governor of Benue state, Chief Steven Lawani, who has interest in what happens in the zone after 2015 when he is no longer Deputy Governor has recruited the Dr. Agbo as hatchet man to frustrate all other players in the state and the zone.
  3. Dr Agbo Emmanuel became the State Chairman of the PDP because of the backing from Chief Lawani.
  4. With the desperation to take sole charge of the Idoma machinery Dr. Emmanuel Agbo, has engaged on numerous battles; fighting the minister for Interior, Comrade Abba Morro, on the one hand and disrupting administration of Okpokwu Local Government on the other hand, courtesy of his pay master.
  5. That Okpokwu Local Government is too big to become one man’s estate as Agbo and Lawani have turned her into a milking cow where financial demands are being laddened on the local government council as proof of loyalty.
  6. We also make bold to state that the present woes of Hon. Jullie Obetta are a machination of Dr. Agbo and his acolytes who will stop at nothing to dim Miss Obetta’s shinning future.
  7. It is also no little wonder that the character in question who could not afford a decent accommodation for himself can comfortably today pay millions to House of Assembly members to intimidate a local government chairman who is deeply rooted with the grass roots.
  8. That unless Agbo is leashed, there shall certainly be a replay of the historic 2003 Kwande saga which threatened the peace of the state as replicas of it spread to areas like Tarkaa.
  9. That one man or a group of peoples intention cannot surpass the general good of the people which this administration has tried hard enough to sustain.

It is on this note that we make bold to declare that Dr. Agbo Emmanuel is an enemy of the state and people of Idoma nation who should be put in check by the authorities.

We also wish to call on our peace loving governor, Rt. Hon. Gabriel Suswam to wade into the Okpokwu issue with a view to save the region and local government from total civil breakdown.

Thank you all.

Long Live Idoma Youth Defence Vanguard

Long Live Idoma Land

Long Live Benue State

Hon. James Obekpa                                                          Comr. Francis Idu

President                                                                                      Secretary

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