Ministry of Lands is Problematic-BNSHA

Posted: August 27, 2014 in BENUE, makurdi, News
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John Tondo

The Benue State House of Assembly has declared the Ministry of Lands and Survey as problematic. Leading the pack was Hon Ngunan Adingir (representing Buruku state constituency), who yesterday took a swipe on the Benue State ministry of Lands and Survey stating that the ministry is actually causing a lot of problems.

She was reacting on a finding by the House Committee on Education on the question of encroachment on the land belonging to Benue State University, BSU Makurdi.

Benue Links, Dukuh Park, Mission House Int’l, NKST Iortyer, NKST Primary School Iortyer, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Immigration Service, Nigeria Air Force are found by the Olufu Oguche led Education Committee to have encroached on the BSU land.

But while the House Committee chair on Lands and Survey Dr Abraham Agba wondered which institution is actually encroaching, he noted that some of those alleged to have encroached have certificate of occupancies and titles that predates the state owned university.

But Adingi insisted, “you (referring to Agba) are the chairman of that committee (Lands and Survey), go and talk to them. I am the chairman in charge of Culture and Tourism Committee. The ministry had problems with the company that the Zoological garden was leased to when they were demanding for C of O.

“They were actually going to get the C of O because there were some magu magu that were going on. somehow the VC insisted that the land will not be taken away because it belongs to the university.”

Meanwhile, the Benue State House of Assembly has directed the Ministry of Lands and Survey to liaise with the university and investigate the controversy on the university land and to report back to the house within one month from 27the August, 2014.
It is worthy to note that the Ministry of Lands and its  commissioner Hon. John Tondo, have been emeshed in controversies and accusations involving land appropriations, many resulting to ethnic crisis, even a previous investigation by the state assembly and relieving the commissioner of his duty who was reappointed only after lobbying and political pressure.

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