2015: Nongov Youth Make Case For Makurdi/Guma HOR Seat

Posted: August 10, 2014 in BENUE, Benue 2015, makurdi, News, Politics
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As political activities reach the peak, youths from Guma Local Government Area under the auspices of Nongov Youth Assembly have appealed that fairness be considered in considering who represents Makurdi/Guma Federal Constituency by 2015.
The group in a document made available to atiterkula said the Nongov people’s desire to clinch the seat was a cry for fairness and equality as they have long been denied electoral positions in the constituency which they share with their iharev brothers.
“The clamour by the Nongov people of Guma Local Government Area, for a shot at the Makurdi/Guma House of Representatives seat at the National Assembly in 2015 goes beyond partisan affiliations. It is indeed a huge cry for fairness, equity and justice”. It read in part.
According to them, since 1957, their Iharev brothers who will just be vacating the seat by 2015, have enjoyed all electoral positions belonging to the constituency amounting to 32 years while the Nongov people have tasted it only twice for a period of One year and 10months.
The group while suing for support from their Iharev brethren appealed that “another Iharev Man on this seat will make it forty(40) years. Isn’t it morally right to allow a Nongov man a chance at it in 2015?

  1. philip says:

    That’s y the Masev deserves to take the number one seat.


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