The Fall of Akume’s Dynasty?

Posted: July 7, 2014 in BENUE, Benue 2015, Politics
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Senate Minority Leader, Senator George Akume is no doubt one of the opposition leaders in the north of Nigeria to reckon with, he is certainly the biggest opposition leader in North Central. However this tall political attainment, Akume is most recently facing what may be termed, a survival phase.
Sen.Akume who held sway at the Benue government house for eight years (1999-2007). As governor, he was known to be intolerant of opposition, an advocate of total victory and the leader and sole determinant in the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
At the end of his reign as governor,he installed his favourite candidate amidst 24 PDP aspirants, Hon. Gabriel Suswam. It was supposed to be a godson-godfather relationship, with Akume behind the scenes to direct the government through Suswam. Unfortunately, this relationship was shortlived, as the latter on ascension of power saw need to chart his own course and strenghthen his political might. This saw the breakdown of a marriage that never started.
By 2011 when Suswam was planning for a second term in office, the relationship had totally severed with the two politicians gunning for each others jogular, while trying to determine who owns the soul of the state and PDP. In the ensuing battle of supremacy, wits and power, Akume left the PDP to pursue a new political course in the opposition where he became the leader and sole financier of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN).
With the cross over from PDP to ACN, Akume turned the party which was little known to the major opposition party which even threatened the existence and grip of the PDP in the state.
The ACN ran a tsunami styled campaign courtesy of Akume’s deep purse and the longing for an alternative to the PDP( the All Nigeria Peoples Party had already lost faith with the followership), it became a household name. The ACN recorded the greatest victory by an opposition party in the political history of the state, winning and handful State Assembly seats, three House of Representatives seats and Akume’s senatorial seat was maintained and even had a close shave at the governorship.
With this victory, Akume had carved an empire for himself, wearing the regalia of  the leader of an opposition stronghold. ACN later  merged with other major opposition parties in the nation to form the All Progressives Congress (APC), analyst believed the move was the last one to checkmate the PDP. True to beliefs the merger threatened the PDP and enlarged the coasts of Akume’s empire. It is noteworthy that the success of the APC had even lured many PDP elements and earned some more decampees, prominent amongst which is a two time House of Representatives member, Rt. Hon. Emmanuel Jime who openly declared his motive for decamping to the APC was to align tothe trend and also pursue his gubernatorial dream in a party that was progressive.
Unfortunately this success has become the reason for the political collosus greatest achilles heel. Pundits have variously judged that the inability of Akume to manage success and act democratically has been his albatross.
With the build up to forthcoming elections around the corner, political realignments have begun with tthe APC/Akume dynasty
getting the brunts of this political activity. Recently there has been a wave of decamping from the once vibrant APC to the earlier dispised PDP.
atiterkula findings reveal this recent trend of decamping has been necessitated by Akume’ s undemocratic style of leadership. As the merger successfuly went through, leaders in the various merged parties had to accomodate each other based on the founding agreement, however in Benue state, Akume is believed to have foisted his followers on the party, while neglecting the other stakeholders, this behaviour has provoked this PDP headed movement.
Amongst major decampees is former senate minority leader and one time governorship aspirant, Prof. Daniel Saror, who has been a pillar of opposition politics since 2003 until his recent decision to return to PDP, decided to return when Akume neglected and sidelined him in recent composition of party executives in the state and political zone.
Another opposition leader who has been a pillar and actually the longest opposition figure as well as the movement’s major financier in the Benue South Senatorial District, Alh. Usman Mai Shanu, who is touted to be leading a pack of other disappointed opposition elements to introduce the Labour Party (LP). The new party is bragged to parade Akume’s biggest general, Bar. Orker Jev who is believed to be leading the LP into the 2015 race for Akume’s senate seat as vengeance for betrayal suffered from his erstwhile leader due to the latter’s dictatorship.
Even as older opposition members are leaving for the PDP, recent decampees are also believed to already began moves to beat a retreat to their former home, PDP. Chief amongst the alleged regretees, is Hon. Emmanuel Jime who decamped to the APC to pursue his gubernatorial ambition only to be sidelined, thus leaving his political future in jeopardy.He is already believed to be thinking of an alternative route.
Already pointers are that Akume’s desire to become Benue’ political determinant may have hit a brick wall since recent decampings have narrowed his influence in the state, loosing all political players from the Zone A political bloc, represented by former House of  Reprsentative member and former state Assembly Speaker, Hon. Mzenda Iho and Prof. Saror. The Benue South Senatorial District (Zone C) which is little known for opposition politics has also witnessed the biggest decamping ceremony of all time, while the political arena awaits the final decision of Alh. Miashanu who is already estranged to Akume and his ilk.
Meanwhile as Akume continue to run his political empire in a “Patitio gang” style, many wait to see what becomes of this dynasty by 2015.

  1. macandme says:

    the use of the word – ‘dynasty’ is flawed. what is a dynasty? – a sequence of rulers from the same family, stock or group – at no point has Akume produced a sequence of rulers from his family, stock or group. as such, why refer to him as having a dynasty? there never was, there never will.


  2. Or Mba Gesa says:

    Terkula angom za hemen. U nger vihi ga


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