Civil rights Group commend Suswam for ending 9 month –old industrial Action

Posted: June 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

The Coalition of Civil Societies in Nigeria, has commended the Benue state governor, Gabriel Suswam for the peaceful resolution of the industrial crisis between Primary school Teachers and the state government.
According to the spokesman of the group, Comrade Philip Agbese, the ability of the state government to agree to terms with the teachers is an indication that the governor had the best interest of the state at heart. He also commended the teachers who agreed to sheath their swords for the general interest of the state.
He said the agreement to stay industrial action by the teachers was a move that should be commended, however cautioned against the use of industrial action as the panacea to all grouses with government as it tends to thwart developmental efforts. He thus advised that associations and union should rather consider the dialogue option and exhaustively explore it in situations of dispute with government.
Speaking in Abuja, Agbese expressed happiness over the termination of the nine month old strike which he described as a “cankerworm in the Benue’s educational development”, noting that with the call off of the strike, children of the less priveledge will now also have the opportunity to get good education.
“ I am actually over joyed by this information. You see, the strike had denied children of the poor and less financially advantaged the opportunity to education. Today coupled with the wisdom of Governor Suswam and the corporation of the Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT), this standoff has become history.” He said.
The coalition also acknowledged what it termed, “sacrifice by the state government” to pay the agreed sum. Agbese said it was commendable for the state government which had in recent terms complained of lack of funds for meaningful development could make such great sacrifice to make sure primary schools resumed.
It could be recalled the state government has just signed an agreement with the NUT to call off the industrial action which has lasted for over eight months which have resulted in keeping the pupils at home.

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