Nigeria: Theater of the Absurd

Posted: May 3, 2014 in Opinion, political, Politics
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Weynet Sidi
nigeria_map_mNigeria is really a country were the unthinkable, the unspeakable, the undo able and the absurd happen without so much as a raised eyebrow. We have set a record( and are bent on breaking that record) as the most outrageous, the most superfluous and most absurd nation on earth.
As it is today, the Nigerian political class and elites would pass for the world’s silliest, so bad is it that the Nigerian political class and elites are totally cut off from any iota of reality what so ever. Sadly the Nigerian political class and elite dictate the tone and direction of national discourse and so get us thinking,talking and acting in the most bizarre of ways(their way) known to mankind.
The Nigerian citizenry now argue and discuss politics and leadership along ethno-religious lines, now one party is considered christian(whatever that means) and another muslim(?)and we’re made to believe there’s no alternative to one of the two parties, whereas there are many other parties and candidates available for us to choose from.
The political class and elites have continuously guided our thought pattern and made us think in line with whatever it is that protects their interest at that time. Now we’re being fed with different information (propaganda) as regards to the precarious state of security in our dear country.
First the govt. wants us to believe that those opposed to GEJ presidency(the northern oligarchy) are behind or atleast, know more than they claim to, about the wanton killings in the country today, they(govt)claim that those who swore to make this country “UNGOVERNABLE” are making good their threats by the current spate of insecurity.
There’s also the opposition, and many Nigerians, who believe that govt is not doing enough to stem the tide of these senseless killings and is (govt) even clueless as regards to how to tackle the menace.
Lastly there are the extremists, the conspiracy theorists who swear govt. has a hand in the killings considering the fact that fat cats in govt are cornering all the security contracts and so on and are smiling to the bank, there’s the story(to buttress their claim) of the 200girls that were abducted in Chibok, a locality under emergency rule and how they were taken away under the nose of federal troops. buhari_jonathan
Nigeria and Nigerians have been reduced to pro GEJ(which makes one automatically anti-Buhari, APC and North) and Anti-GEJ(which makes one pro-Buhari, APC and North).It is indeed troubling and sad that a nation of over 150m people have been reduced to two personalities and parties. My grudge with the presidency is its penchant for the absurd, the president today inaugurated another committee(as if we don’t have enough of them) for the 200 abducted girls(with only God knows what mandate),not to be out done by ridiculousness, the Nigerian police has said it would commence a verification of citizens visiting Abuja on what their purpose of visit is with a view to turning back those without satisfactory(sic)reasons for their visit(as if Abuja is the only place that needs to be secured in Nigeria),maybe very soon Nigerians would need to apply for a visa to visit or transact business in Abuja.
Another bomb went off in Nyanya yesterday(barely two weeks after the first)and our president has not made any solid commitment to guarantee safety of life and property.
Every discussion now is centered around 2015(as if it is the year of the coming of our lord) and we have all been programmed by our puppet masters to dance to their tune depending which divide we fall in.We must cut off the strings of these puppet masters and put Nigeria first.
Let’s stop for a moment and think of what is good,right,just and beneficial to this country and not pro or anti anyone or religion or party, only then can things begin to change for the better. Let’s bring Nigeria out of this doldrums of ideological retrogression and theatre of the absurd and bring her back to the glory she deserves.

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