Race to Benue Govt House Heats up as Fetish Pot is discovered at Benue State Govt House Roundabout

Posted: April 29, 2014 in life and human interest, makurdi, News, Uncategorized
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A mysterious pot at the Benue State Government House roundabout in Makurdi caused panic among staff and security personnel on Today.

According to sources, the pot which was seen as early as 4am on Tuesday may have been kept there during the wee hours of the day.
It was also learnt that government house security men stationed close to the roundabout, on sighting the pot, moved away from their original place just as staff of government house were seen in clusters discussing the pot.


the fetish pot

The presence of the mysterious pot which contained palm oil, pieces of meat and something that looked like red kola nut reportedly sent shivers down the spines of the governor’s personal aides who refused to come out of their offices when reports of the strange pot reached them.
Many however have postulated that the discovery may not be unconnected to the 2015 governorship race, as sources close to the aspirants said each of them have been putting pressure on the governor for endorsement.

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