Almakura is Responsible for Tiv Killings- Traditional Ruler

Posted: April 11, 2014 in Uncategorized
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The traditional ruler of Gwer-West, Chief Daniel Abomtse has pointed accusing fingers at the Governor of Nassarawa  State, Alh. Tanko Almakura over the incessant attacks on the Tiv farmers in Benue.

Abomtse wondered why Almakura who had failed to react on the attack on Tiv people in his state suddenly came out to condemn the killing of the insurgents at Keana. 


Gov. Tanko Almakura

“The governor of Nasarawa is the number one person to be probed. He has been denying that Nasarawa does not harbour insurgents. When he paid a courtesy call to the Osana of Keana, he made the statement that those killed we’re not insurgents. 

“Almakura has remained insincere in his dealing as far as the issue of this crisis is concerned. And it is from this point that the president should begin to immediately investigate Almakura who I rank as terrorist grade one for harboring terrorists at the southern senatorial district masquerading as hunters,” Abomtse said.



Chief Daniel Abomtse

He also accused the Islamic body, Jamal Nasru Islam as one of the financiers of terrorism in Nigeria for instigating the reaction of Governor Almakura to the effect that those insurgents killed in Keana were fulani Muslims and not insurgents.


“Why didn’t Jamal Nasru Islam comment on the seventeen Tiv villages that were overrun by the Fulanis who were insurgents? Why must they talk about the insurgents killed within Keana that the Governor exonerated?


“The Jamal Nasru Islam has not for once condoled the Tor Tiv over the destruction of his country home by the same insurgents within the same axis but now have the guts to talk about the insurgents that were killed by the soldiers where weapons were recovered as widely reported in the papers,” Abomtse further stated.  

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