Fulani Crisis: Miyetti Allah Secretary Suspected of Frustrating Peace Moves

Posted: April 6, 2014 in life and human interest, News
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Sequel to the series of meetings held recently especially in Makurdi Government House


targeted at ending the bloody killings in Benue state indications are rife that they might after all be an effort in futility.
One of such played out during the weekend at the last meeting of peace building and reconciliation committee headed by the Inspector General of Police (DIG) in charge of operations, Mr. Micheal Zuokumor.
The meeting which was allowed to be observed by the press ended dramatically as the state secretary of Miyetti Allah cattle breeders, Mr. Garus Gololo was whisked away by policemen who insisted he was frustrating the peace effort.
The DIG during the meeting did not mince words in accusing the state secretary of Miyetti Allah of fueling the crisis, insisting that he (Gololo) has been frustrating every effort of enhancing peace between the two rival groups.
It was observed at the meeting that the secretary was immediately moved away from the hall probably by policemen who were compelled to stay action for his quick disappearance. The quick disappearance of Gololo from the venue occurred less than 10 minutes after the DIG lambasted him. Gololo, it would be recalled told the press after the initial meeting that the Benue state government was dealing with the fake leadership of the MIYAITI Allah Alhaji Abdulahi Bodejo who also signed the peace pact that was signed between the DIG, Fulani herdsm en and farmers.
Gololo explained that the authentic President of Miyetti Allah Cattle Rearers Association of Nigeria is Mahmoud Kirowa who was duly elected. The situation sparked fresh crisis between the aggrieved parties.
However, at the meeting in Government House, the visibly angry DIG Zuokumor warned while pointing fingers at the secretary of Miyetti Allah, that “the force will no longer tolerate any act of criminality or mischief from anyone willing to foster disagreement between the Fulanis and farmers.”

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