After series of meeting constituted by the Inspector General of Police headed by DIG Operations, an eight man peace committee made up of 4 Tiv men and 4 Fulani herdsmen at the Banquet hall of Government House Makurdi Benue state.10154317_1397566123853503_1694746392_n 1488747_1397555883854527_2136820934_n 10154890_1583410605217394_4899873093854468162_n
The 8 member committee has Alhaji Aliyu Tashaku as the coordinator, Anyamsy Aondo, Amos Shiukaa, Ude Ubende and Adaula Madaki on Tiv side while Medu Useni, Yaritza Sani, Yahaya Boso and Haru E. are representing the Fulani interest.
It is worthy of note that the state government had earlier announced a cease fire agreement between both parties which was later refutted by the body representing the Fulani Cattle Herdsmen (Miyetti Allah). See :

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