Wind Wrecks 3 week Old Multi- Million BSU Law Faculty Building

Posted: April 4, 2014 in Uncategorized
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students lament poor quality of work by contractor

The joy of the law students of the Benue State University will certainly be cut short as the students now receive lectures in the scorching sun as the roof of the multi Million Naira Law complex has been violently uprooted by wind.

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The Law students, who resumed gleefully into their new complex with the excitement of owning their quarters which was influenced by the hammer given the faculty in 2012 by the accreditation committee, have lamented the poor job execution by the contractors that handled the project.

Speaking to our reporter, a student who pleaded anonymity lamented quality of job done on the complex, according to him; the money alleged to have been put into the project has not been justified by what has been delivered by the contractor.

“…we are grateful to the state government for this complex however as you can see it is sub-standard. It is just last week we moved into the complex but as you can see it is like holding lectures in the open as we have no roof ”, he lamented


It could be recalled that the Law Faculty of the University, in  has been under the hammer after failing to pass accreditation test in 2012. 

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