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If you can’t feed a multitude try feeding one person- Mother Teresa of Calcuta

It is true that war has ravaged our Lands. It is also true that our mothers, children, fathers, husbands and brothers have been killed! That our livelihood has been taken away from us! That our brothers and sisters have been rendered homeless! That sickness and hunger is threatening our displaced brothers!

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It is annoying that the government is paying lip service to this carnage and human right abuse. It is also unfortunate that aid is not forthcoming to brothers and sisters who have become refugees in their own land from government.

This is why we call on all well meaning Benue indigenes, at home and in Diaspora to throw in their widow’s mite in our LEND-A-HAND Campaign aimed at raising aid for those displaced and rendered homeless and hungry.

For contributions and support:


UKAN KURUGH                             ANGBIANDOO ADAMA            ATI KENGKENG KENNETH

08069082285, 07057147780                           08034422031                                 08034640130

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