Personality Profile: Engr. Roseline Ada Chenge Benue’s Political Amazon

Posted: March 26, 2014 in Personality Profile
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Written By: Damian Daga

 A saying goes thus; “a gold fish has no hiding place.” This statement of truism encapsulates the enigma and trail blazing exploit of a respectful and hard-working Benue woman and mother.


Engr. Ada Chenge

The person in question cannot run away from the beam of societal relevance focused on her by the Benue community in cognizance of her esteemed contribution to the development of the state. This brings to the fore a Tiv adage which says “not much critical examination is required to identify a chicken that will develop into a hen.”

 It is evident that Engr. (Mrs.) Roseline Ada Chenge who is in the spotlight is destined for great heights. Stemming from her exhibition of leadership qualities among others in her teenage days, the academically excellent Engr. Roseline Ada Chenge has steadily climb to the echelon of societal respect, starting with her trail blazing feat as first woman in Benue State to graduate as a Mechanical Engineer. She proceeded to cap her record of many firsts as the first female CEO of the Lower Benue River Basin Development Authority (LBRBDA).

 “All through my life I have had to confront one challenge or the other; I have had to grapple with various odds, but I thank God for giving me the faith, confidence and determination to overcome against all odds,” these words from Mrs. Chenge recently are a direct hit on the bull’s-eye of the forthcoming 2015 Guber polls as the indomitable woman of substance both in the political, administrative and engineering arena as she throws her hat into the governorship race ring.

Unarguably, she is on the edge of out-muscling her male challengers. This effervescent Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) party faithful defiled all manner of intimidation in 2007 to rock the governorship boat with male contenders coasting on the never-say-die spirit. So to say, her devoted participation in the PDP governorship primary election made revolutionary impact on the political scene of the state. It is worthy of note that she carried the beacon of hope for the agitation of 35 percent affirmative action for women.

She is never one to back down from developmental endeavours and it is evident in her ability to have juggled her duties as a housewife with the rigorous demands of university as well as paucity of funds to graduate in flying colours. She is still doing marvellously well as head of LBRBDA amongst other duties and being a loving and hard-working wife and mother.

It is no longer news that in various positions, the daring Mrs. Chenge has held in public service so far, including her tenure as General Manger, Benue State Water Board she has performed creditably. It could be recalled that her stewardship at the Benue State Water Board saw the commissioning of the Greater Makurdi Water Works by President Goodluck Jonathan and expansion of water works in Katsina-Ala and Otobi.

No doubt, Engr. Roseline Ada Chenge is treading in waters populated by men and although no woman has been able to clinch the position of governor in the country, such are the challenges she cherishes. Hear her supporter Boniface Iornumbe; “like someone with a noble mission that must be accomplished at all costs, she is inspired by her zeal for selfless service to keep forging ahead by all means.”

 There is no gain saying that although Mrs. Chenge’s challenges are enormous, her belief in the Barack Obama styled “Yes, I Can” spirit she would surmount overwhelming odds and turn the seemingly impossible into possible.

So to say, the unflinching faith and confidence laced with boundless determination this Amazon of Benue politics carries an asset worth having and she may very well smash the gender barrier and clinch the political prize.

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