BCC Killings: Our reaction

Posted: March 20, 2014 in News, Uncategorized
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By Host Community


A casualty of the brutality by soldiers

We have watched with deep anguish and pain the brutal massacre of our youths by soldiers at the Dangote cement plant in Gboko. As painful as it is, we are however not surprised as we are already aware of the script that is being played out.
If soldiers who could abandon the chief security officer and the Governor of our dear state, this Excellency Dr. Gabriel Suswam at the mercy of armed invaders but who will zealously guard the business concern of a private individual unhesitatingly waste young lives over flimsy excuses speaks volumes.
That our community has chosen not to react is in order to frustrate the intention of the architects of this evil to have the excuse to further murder the innocent and peace loving people of Gboko.
It is however imperative that we put records straight.

Contrary to the hasty announcement sponsored by the perpetrators of this evil that the murdered youths are thieves’ who went to steal inside the company premises, we the yion community hereby categorically states that all the youngmen unfairly caught down by the soldiers bullets are our sons who are well known to us and not petty thieves.

It all begun when one of the youths, Mr. Terhile Jirbo went to defecate in the bush around the company and one of the soldiers accosted him that he had eased himself in a wrong place and demanded he remove his feaces using his mouth.
It was the inability of the youngman to comply that infuriated the soldier who shot him in the mouth with an AK47 assault rifle.
Terhile Jirbo, the shot youngman was taken to the hospital where he is still being attended to.
It is well after the severely wounded youngman was taken to the hospital that aggrieved youths who started protesting were brutally killed by the soldiers, six of the youths and a female bringing the number to seven were killed by the soldiers on the 18/3/2014 at the Dangote cement premises.
We know that by labeling our law abiding sons thieves after their gruesome murder is meant to cause us further pain and provoke us, we have however opted to restrain our people from any violent action.
To underscore their bad intent and further proof of their deliberate actions, the company since the sad incidence has not even deemed it fit to notify the socio-cultural umbrella organization of the Mbayion people, the Yion Development Association (YIDA) of the occurrence but have rather chosen to sponsor negative and false announcements and reports in the media against the host community.
YIDA however condoles with the families of its youths unjustly killed by soldiers in Dangote cement.
YIDA also wonder what the job of the police is that it would have to be the Nigeria Army which would be drafted to guard the private business of an individual and also wonder who has given the soldiers at Dangote cement the mandate to summarily execute without fair trial even if they apprehend culprits but nevertheless urge her people to still remain calm and law abiding in the face of that extreme provocation.

Ande Per
Yion Development Association (YIDA)

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