From Citizen Emma Inedu
The amiable, hospitable and peace loving people of Benue South senatorial zone is here by crying out and raising alarm over the systematic and calculated plan orchestrated by Fulani nomadic herdsmen to wipe out the good people of this zone and by extension Benue state.The major casualty of this carnage and grand design against our people are the Agatupeople where in scores of villages, districts and hamlets have been ravaged. Our children, women, aged and productive youths are being slain like animals whose lives count for nothing.

fleeing refugees caused by the fulani invasion of Benue

fleeing refugees caused by the fulani invasion of Benue

Since May 2013 when this crisis broke out, there has been wanton destruction of lives and properties at an un-imaginable scale. The remote and immediate cause(s) of the crisis is the grazing and destruction of farm lands of the people, seizure and domination of ancestral lands that belong to the people by Fulanis. It is apposite to state that there has been the presence of Fulani herdsman dating about a hundred years in this zone but over time, this harmonious relationship has been abused and grossly violated. It is important to state here that for every time there has been unrest in these parts, Fulanis who are but squatters have been guilty of hitting the first blow. Ordinarily, one would have thought that the afore raised issues were the bane of the crisis but sadly these Fulani jihadists have taken it to another level where by they attack at night when villagers are deep asleep; yet in other instances, they attack on busy market days when lots of people must have converged to carry out business transactions or in funerals where people are gathered to witness burials. The attacks on Enungba, Ogule, Egla, Ogan, Ushal, Okpanchenyi, Owule, Kpele, Ukpokplo and many other villages and communities is highly regrettable and disheartening. The peace loving and accommodative nature, disposition/posture of the people has been mistaken for cowardice, docility and foolishness. Hence the unwarranted and unprovoked attack on them.
refugees on their march  to seek safety from fulani attacks

refugees on their march to seek safety from fulani attacks

Our people have watched helplessly as their ancestral land is been violated and desecrated; our farms and livestock destroyed, our villages burnt and the very essence of our tribal and collective humanity debased. But we must quickly re-echo a popular saying among our people ‘’that a man avoids a fight is not as a result of cowardice rather it is wisdom and discretion.’’ It is against this backdrop that we call on the federal and state governments through its instrumentality of power and cohesion to urgently nip this crisis that has assumed a horrendous proportion/magnitude in the bud before we are wiped out. As submitted earlier, we are a peace loving, accommodating and law abiding people who have conscientiously contributed to the growth, unity and development of the Nigerian nation hence we demand among others that:
If the Nigerian constitution truly respects the right to life, survival and the sanctity of human life particularly of her citizens then urgent, proactive and dispassionate steps should be taken to checkmate the gruesome killing of our people and the destruction of our property and means of livelihood.
Our people are basically agrarian in nature hence concerted efforts must be made to clearly map out tracks for the herds men and their cattle to avoid clashes and skirmishes with our people.
The Fulani herdsmen are armed to the teeth with sophisticated weapons. This raises more questions than answers. The government must probe how these marauders get these state of the art weapons that are been used to destroy our people. Again they storm our people with military uniforms and the full paraphernalia of the military. We demand that this must be meticulously investigated.
imigA holistic approach of attitudinal change and re orientation of these Fulani insurgents masquerading as herdsmen must be carried out.
We wonder if we are still part of the Nigerian project? If we indeed are, then this bestiality cannibalism, arson and wanton killing of our people in guerrilla style must cease unconditionally.
It is on record that the Fulanis have boasted that they will over run Benue state and the entire Middle belt/ North central region of Nigeria. In this vein, it does seem that there is more to this crisis than meets the eye. We suggest military as well as political solutions to this crisis that is engulfing our senatorial zone, Benue state, and the North central zone of Nigeria. This zone like other zones is crucial to Nigeria and if the centre can no longer hold, we are afraid the unity and stability of the nation is in jeopardy.

  1. Paradiseng says:

    Very pity.. battle in this recent days nawa ooo


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