Nigeria and the Politicisation of Terrorism

Posted: March 7, 2014 in Opinion, political, Politics
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By Okoro Sunny
Anyone cares to count how many US soldiers, their formations and barracks are hit by “civilian” terrorists everyday in Afghanistan and Iraq? With all the heavy equipment and training, are American soldiers killed by “untrained” Islamists? YES.
Is their president asked to resign? No. How about their army boss? No. Are the military men called incompetent because they were killed by Islamists? No. Do the whole of America mourn in unison, blaming Islamists and not Obama? Yes. Does Mitt Romney and Chris Christie make statements that seem in support of the Islamists or totally take Obama to the cleaners because of these deaths to American soldiers? NO. Instead, what do they do? They encourage the president and the families of the slain.

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan,

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan,

Again, have there been killings in naval bases in the US? YES. How about kindergarten and crèches? Are children slaughtered? YES. Really, in the ‘Almighty America’ with police in all the streets and cameras, and all the other security gadgets, are children slaughtered? YES.
Do they blame the president? NO. Instead, who do they blame? The killers.
How about Marathons? I heard of Boston bombing. Two Russians – self-made Islamists (though we believe it is a ring and the brothers are not working alone) killed marathoners. Did all America come together? YES.
Were they caught by expensive cameras or other surveillance equipment, or through intelligence? NO. How were they caught? By a tip-off from a local who saw a boy hide in a boat.
Now let’s come back home to Nigeria. Do Yobe and Bauchi people make such reports or support the killers? They support the killers or are too afraid to tell on them.
Did the papers and politicians blame Obama? NO. How did the governor of Boston and the people react to the police lockdown of Boston? They supported the police and happily stayed at home.
The governors of Yobe and Bauchi, how are they acting? Do they support the military action? NO. They are inimical to it even. And other politicians, Emirs etc, do they support it? NO. It is politicised and religion is a factor.
Does this make it even more complicated than America? Yes of course. One Victoria and Roston are blaming GEJ and the military for not posting soldiers in front of Federal Government Colleges. Are those in FGC and their lives more important than those in Ekerebutete Secondary Commercial School? NO!
So? There are 65 colleges in Yobe. The army can only try their best. Asking for army posts in front of all schools is to be unaware of logistic problems and to ask that soldiers be stationed in front of a particular school will only be very unfair to say the least.
How has America reacted to the endless killings in schools? Are there now police guards? NO. So no guards in cinemas? In Colorado, they killed people in the cinema. Someone went to the cinema to see Kevin Kostners latest movie and he was amazed he did not see one policeman or armed guard even after the Colorado incident. So what am I saying? Nigerians make too many mistakes. As long as the federal government is blamed for killings; as long as each death counts against GEJ, the killings will not stop.
He GEJ has offered a carrot by asking Boko Haram to come for amnesty. He has wielded the stick by the air and land bombardment of bases and the state of emergency. What more can he do? Is he ‘Rambo’ or ‘Commando’ to go in himself? Is it not the same army Nigeria sent to Liberia, Mali etc that are in Borno and Yobe?
If people have no solutions to offer in a democracy, principle of which is: “we all rule together”, they must shut up and let people with encouraging words and useful criticisms talk to the army and government so we can solve this.
•Okoro Sunny is the deputy spokesperson of Rethink Nigeria. He sent in this piece from Abuja.

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