By Kenneth Azahan
After four years of carrying out field trial on Genetically Modified, GM cowpea, Nigerian scientists have said the trial has achieved 70 per cent success noting that it would ease the challenges cowpea farmers face once the Bio-safety law is passed.
A Genetist/Plant breeder, Institute for Agricultural Research, IAR, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Prof. Mohammed Faguji Ishiyaku disclosed this Thursday when journalists sponsored by the Bioscience for Farming in Africa, B4FA visited the institute.

Prof. Mohammed Faguji Ishiyaku

Prof. Mohammed Faguji Ishiyaku

He said the field trial which started four years ago and carried out in Samaru, Minjibir and Bakura respectively proved successful.
In carrying out the trial, the scientist explained that the crop was exposed to harsh weather natural and artificial, to arrive at the result.
According to the scientist, cowpea production in the country has suffered setback as a result of maruca infestation, adding that several research carried out to produce maruca resistant cowpea failed because the resistant gene was not found in cowpea.
“We are aware of the effect of insects in reducing the productivity of cowpea. Our farmers will tell you the story more”.
Prof Ishiyaku maintained that GM technology has been able to fill the gap in tackling menace of maruca in cowpea farming.data2-nu-mv-imfcp-1468964-img-id124-250x250
“…The opportunity came through application of cutting edge science in which genes can be taken from different crops to develop a new variety. Before now, it was impossible for instance, to take a gene from maize to put in cowpea”.
Buttressing advantages of GM cowpea, Prof. Ishiyaku stated that the use of chemical to control maruca which in the long run could be harmful to health will be taken care of.
On the nutritional content of GM cowpea, he said carbohydrate, protein, mineral and other composition found in the non-GM cowpea were same.

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