Benue 2015: Nath Apir’s Director General Exposes him

Posted: February 3, 2014 in political
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Even before the whistle is blown for the race to Benue Government House, Aspirants with dishonest backgrounds are already being exposed. Engr. Nath Apir who also recently indicated interest in the Benue Government House and has been going round for consultations has already hit brick walls as his Director General, Prof. Leonard Shilgba,  has dumped him on alleged grounds of dishonesty and shaddy dealing. See letter by Director General below:

On Director General: Nat Apir Gubernatorial Project, Benue State 2015
Professor Leonard K. Shilgba

A formal address to Aspirant Eng. Nat Apir:

Dear Engineer Nat Apir,
In the third week of October, 2013, you asked me to become the Director General of your campaign for the office of Governor of Benue State, 2015. As a friend, I accepted the offer without, as is professionally and politically expedient, first negotiating terms for the assignment.
First, on your request, I furnished you with a detailed 14-page Benue Vision plan (I posted to you by email on October 23, 2013). Following that you asked me to do a research document on the functions and responsibilities of offices of Chief of Staff to the Governor, Secretary to the State government and Head of service; I completed this assignment as well and sent to you by email on October 25, 2013.
The second thing you asked me to do was to find a convenient office accommodation in Gboko. I swung into action and started building my work team, the head of which is Mr. Terngu Mker whom I introduced to you personally; he has been most helpful in my assignment since October 2013. We located a vacant property at Adekaa area of Gboko, the house of the late Gen. Inienger. The amount requested for the property was N 1.1 million (One million one hundred thousand naira only). I communicated this to you and you had no objection. In addition, I informed you of the necessary repairs on the property such as painting, plumbing and electrical wiring and fittings. You promised that a borehole would be sunk on the property. I must quickly add that you promised me that within days a KU VSat internet dish would be installed at my Gboko house for easy communication. You never kept the promise.
Concerning the campaign office in reference, I produce below some texts:
December 13, 2013 text from me to you (08097011094): What is happening? I understand that we may lose the building without financial commitment. I do not have any guarantees for them. Further consultations are difficult without finances.
NAT APIR: Will call you
December 26, 2013 text from me to you (08097011094): Morning; may I know the status of things? You did not pick my calls yesterday and neither did you call. I am going to Gboko today. The lack of definitive action on the office building and almanac printing threatens the credibility of my words before the people directly engaging me on both, and such is injurious to a political campaign. 
As I and my team started planning campaign strategies and meeting with people, you provided us with no budget and no money. We used our resources in the hope that we were doing the right thing:
I introduced you to some All Progressives Congress (APC) leaders in the state and spoke to some on your behalf (You had indicated to me that you wanted to use the APC platform): I introduced you to Chief Joseph Waya and Alhaji Usman Abubakar (“Young Alhaji”) among other party leaders.
Following our visit on Young Alhaji, you promised to visit me in the village. I called some APC faithfuls who came to wait for you. You did not show up. I addressed them and put my speech on tape. In addition, I entertained them at my private expense. You explained your absence on being “quarantined” by some of Gov. Suswam’s people.
On December 17, 2013, I spent a night at your Makurdi residence on your request in preparation for a meeting in Lafia. You asked me to prepare a speech you would deliver at the event. I did that dutifully and prepared a speech which was shared at the meeting in Lafia on December 18, 2013. At that meeting, where APC Tiv Forum officials were sworn into office, you publicly introduced me as your campaign DG. We returned from that meeting and on the way I played to you the speech I had delivered when you failed to turn up in my village as you had promised.
On your approval, I set out to produce a Calendar Almanac for your campaign. We settled on quantity and a printer. You promised to provide funds for the project. But as it has become a pattern, you failed to keep your promise leaving me to appear as an unserious person before the printer.
Back to the issue of office accommodation; you failed to keep to your numerous promised timelines to send the rent requested.
After Christmas Day, you went to Lagos without providing the money for our operational expenses. You promised from Lagos to post the sum of N1.4 million (One million, four hundred thousand naira only) so that I would pay for the office accommodation and use N300, 000 (Three hundred thousand naira only) to visit some party leaders and “give them Christmas or New year gifts”. You never kept this promise also; and you have carried on as if nothing unsavory had been done by you.
I must remind you how on many occasions I have called you and you refused to pick up my calls. After your broken promise referred to in (6) above, I told you about the APC Mobilization Convocation, for which I was made Secretary of the organizing committee. Thereafter, you cut off all communications with me. You refused to pick my calls until you visited me at the Wishden hotel in company of Hon. Shima Ateze on Friday, January 10 2014! I had sent you this text on December 31, 2013 to your phone number 08023735272:
“Your repeated refusal to pick my calls has started to give me genuine cause for concern and second thoughts. The growing number of broken promises is casting ominous doubts about your understanding of what is involved. I may not continue under these circumstances.”
May I remind you; you never replied.
I learned that while you cut off communications with me from December 29, 2013 to January 10, 2014 (except the previous day when you called briefly) when you visited me at Wishden hotel, Gboko, you gave money to Hon. Shima Ateze to print 5000 copies of the APC Mobilization literature that was shared at the APC Mobilization Convocation. This was without even informing me, your supposed campaign DG.
After the APC Mobilization Convocation in Gboko on January 3, 2014, I sent you a text alerting you on the question by Young Alhaji’s brother concerning your seriousness. You did not reply.
When you and Ateze visited me at Wishden hotel, where I was facilitating a management training for a university, you appealed that we should put away the past and forge ahead.
On the same day, January 10, 2014, after discussion with the head of my team I sent you this text on 08023735272: I have discussed with the head of my team Mr. Mker and he intimates me that they would not work with me on your project anymore.
NAT APR (08097011094): And what are his concerns? Can we meet with him to discuss or what do you think? Please, advise.
On Wednesday, January 15, 2014, you visited me at my Gboko residence. You told me you had bought two vehicles for the campaign—An Acura saloon car, in which you were chauffeur-driven into my compound and a range Rover jeep. You made the following promises to me:
In February, 2014 you would give me the sum of N4.8 million (Four million four hundred thousand naira) as my “allowance at the rate of N 400,000 (four hundred thousand naira only) a month” excluding operational expenses.
The following week, when you would come to pay for the office accommodation, you would give Mr. Mker some money.
You would pay for the office accommodation the following week.
On January 20, 2014, you called informing me that you had talked with the caretaker of the office property and that he had insisted on collecting the sum of N1.2 million (One million and two hundred thousand naira only). You further appealed that we should talk with the fellow; you said you had learnt that “President Jonathan’s people” were interested in the building. Your sudden sense of urgency gave us some conviction that you were genuinely interested in acquiring the property after all. You promised to visit Gboko on Wednesday, January 22, 2014 to personally meet with the caretaker and take a look at the interior of the building. On the said date when the caretaker had driven in from Makurdi, you did not show up as usual. However, you called to tell me that you had lost a close friend on the same day. You urged me to go ahead and discuss with the caretaker. We concluded on N900, 000 (Nine hundred thousand naira only). I gave the phone to the caretaker and Mr. Mker; you spoke with the both of them and promised to come to Gboko the next day at 12 noon and make the payment. I told you that I had to travel out of the state on that day. But you said you would call Mr. Mker on arrival.  I was surprised when Mr. Mker called me on that same day late in the afternoon to inform me that you neither showed up nor picked their calls. I then called to inform you of the situation. You told me you were attending a meeting in Aliade and would drive from there to meet with them in Gboko.
  Sadly, after I returned to Gboko at past 6 pm on the same day (Thursday, January 23, 2014), Mr. Mker and the caretaker came to my house at past 8 pm to tell me that you had not come to Gboko! I then called to inform you, and without any courtesies, you shouted on me that you were in a meeting. I was so infuriated that I screamed out to you that the people you promised to meet with were in my house. You carried on with your outburst without even knowing that I had passed the phone over to the caretaker. Do you know what you failed to do? You failed to apologize to them that you had stood them up. The caretaker told me after talking with you that you said you had gone back to Makurdi and would come that night to Gboko. You never did, as usual! You kept them waiting at my house until past 10 pm when they decided to leave!
If you wish to lead people, you must learn to keep your words and treat them with respect. Your attitude towards those helping you, going on errands for you has been less than pleasant.
You have not given us operational funds to do the things we do.  You stand us up without even apologies. What impressions would people make of you?
You have gone on to hold meetings without involving your DG, who only gets told of some of such meetings after the fact.
You decided to aspire to the office of Governor of Benue State; an office that requires multi-tasking and respect for the feelings of those working with you. Your conduct, as chronicled above, should trouble even you. Are you truly prepared to become the Governor of Benue State? Is the Bro. Nat I thought I knew no longer the Aspirant Nat that asked me to be his campaign DG without my asking or giving the slightest indication that I desired the job? Would you joyfully and confidently continue as Aspirant Nat’s campaign DG if you were Professor Shilgba? I gave you a second consideration after our January 10, 2014 meeting, and my team followed in my steps. But what have we got on our hands about two weeks later? Is your habit of disrespect for workers and disregard for promises willingly made not what we are sworn to fight in Benue State? Even if you were not serious or “desperate” about becoming the governor of Benue state, my friend, can you estimate the damage you have done to your person already?
Well, I make the following demands both as of right and a test of your seriousness, readiness to lead, and composure in an hour of solitude and introspection:
D1. I have worked on your campaign project for four months today (January 24, 2014). Based on what you considered as my “allowance”, which I made no comment upon as I have come to not take seriously your promises anymore, my accumulated “allowance” as of today should be N1.6 million (One million six hundred thousand naira only). I demand you pay up.
D2. I wouldn’t know what you have determined to be my operational expenses. However, when you have made that determination, do kindly make the amount available to me so that I would make funds available to Mr. Terngu Mker who has assisted me so far in my task, even using his personal car to run errands for me on the project.
D3. When and if you decide to continue to aspire to the office of governor of Benue State, and you would need our assistance, we shall sit down with you and draw up a code of conduct and an agreement that must be mutually acceptable to us.
Finally, I should inform you that I have written this detailed letter for the records, being conscious of tomorrow’s verdict and certain of the corrupting yarn of polemics.
Leonard K. Shilgba, PhD

  1. Anater says:

    These are real people with real problems leave them alone


  2. Nat Apir says:

    Prof Leonard Shilgba,
    I was one of those who read your letter with shock but declined comments because I preferred to give you the benefit of doubts as a senior colleague in academics, and could have even denied your authorship of the said letter and its subsequent publication in the social media if you had not confirmed.
    Now that you have admitted responsibility, permit me to make a few remarks on the matter.

    1) Your first challenge to your readers goes like this: “Do some of us have the patience to read a simple letter and try to digest before making unguarded remarks?” In modern times a writer does not have the exclusive claim to the interpretation of the document he has written as long as he has brought it to the public domain. No comment can therefore be considered as unguarded. It is in this regard that Roland Bartes articulates in his classic, “The Death of The Author” that the author of a book is no longer the so-called super intelligent figure teaching us the readers moral lessons of life. An intelligent reader may even get a contrary message from what your write-up maybe inviting him to see.

    2) Accordingly, if your public letter was meant to depict Mr Naths Apir as dishonest, deceitful or irresponsible, I am sorry I did not get that interpretation. Yours was a letter from a comrade in political struggle to his boss of at least four months. So far, Naths Apir has neither publicly announced his campaign team nor communicated with you publicly on election campaigns to the knowledge of most of us on this forum. You should therefore understand how rudely shocked some of us were, when you suddenly abandoned the secret channels of dialogue with your principal and went public eliciting support or understanding from the public for a project they are yet to be introduced to. If your action is not treachery, then I don’t know what else it is.

    3)You have succeeded in crafting a poignant drama with two major characters(Naths Apir the candidate and Prof Shilgba, his DG) and sundry other minor characters like Terngu Mker, Young Alhaji and so on. Your binary construction places you at the centre and a symbol of morality while Naths Apir is depicted as a stereotypical politician in his worst form. You insist that the interpretation of this tragedy must be in your favour because all public officers must have sacrificed their privacy and that you saw nothing sacrosanct about confidentiality. I am not obliged to accept that theory in politics particularly regarding people I undertake to work along with in reforming society. I am sure you know that our problem in Nigeria is not that the bad eggs remain unknown but that our society lacks the will to deal decisively with them. The case of Minister Uduak and mrs Ete of SEC are cases in point. So there is no big deal in exposing the lifestyle of a friend who disagrees with you for the sake of. Some uncharitable people may even say you are a mean guy.

    4)Your proposal to your governorship candidate and your expectations of him do not portray you as one who has joined politics to help change the corrupt system. Even before any other aspirant would think of a campaign team, you were already hired on a monthly salary of N400,000. That means by the time the primaries would hold in October this year, Naths Apir would have paid you N4.8million. As someone who appears to be in charge, commanding a retinue of staff, directors, 23 coordinators at LGS and 276 others at the various wards of the state, I am sure you thought you were dealing a real money bag and not a change agent. In fact, at the rate you were going before Nath chose to tactically ignore you, you were surly going to lead him into a cul de sac except you knew he had stockpiled at least a billion naira to prosecute the campaigns and handle the logistics of delegates.

    5) It is extremely difficult for me as an experienced campaign manager to sympathise with your plight even if you announced on CNN the badness of your candidate. We all know, no human being is perfect but when we choose to campaign for one, we attempt to ignore his imperfections and dwell on his strong points. With your standing in this society as a professor it is demeaning for you to say “m yer Nor shin ikyum nahan mfa ikyande na” publicly. You should not have published this letter, more so as Naths Apir is not yet a public officer.

    6)From your letter, I could understand that Naths Apir is a very brilliant man, who however lacks the courage to deal with what I consider as your directionless agenda but has chosen to slowly frustrate you. How on earth could you imagine that Naths would take you serious, a DG who wants upfront payment for a job that could end with the formation of a government? Would you still have the temerity to become the Chief of Staff or the SSG that you earlier demanded? Why would Naths Apir take you seriously when as a DG of an aspirant in APC, you prefer linking him up with Young Alhaji instead of Akume? Why should he take you seriously while as a DG you only showed him ways of spending money and not ways of raising finances? Why should he take you seriously when you directed him to set up his campaign headquarters in Gboko instead Makurdi? And finally, why would Naths be comfortable with a DG who, while heading a committee, would prefer to go public and disgrace the leadership of his party, instead of presenting his report at the plenary session of APC?

    7)My dear Prof Shilgba, I know you feel hurt by your principal’s cold shoulder of disdain and you have decided to fire him in the media. Yours is a case of: “Alu a nyiman ahenga achia hough ga yo, mo kpa me nyima un ts**r me chia ambi ga”. I wonder whether such a philosophy is suitable for some of us from the university who talk so much about our aspiration to change this society.
    Hon. T. Shija


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