Posted: February 1, 2014 in Paid Adverts
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A press statement by Benue League of Extraordinary Gentlemen on the need to Caution Hon. John Tondo over his land grabbing and mismanagement of the Land Ministry


1. Ladies and gentlemen of the press, it is with great joy, I receive you to this interface this day due to our respect of your partnership and devotion to the betterment of our dear Benue State.

2. This statement has become quite expedient owing to the recent turn of events at the Benue State Ministry of Lands and Survey, where every land affair has taken a tupsy turvy trend aimed for a total collapse of our land administration system.

3. Since the unfortunate resumption of duties at the ministry by Hon. John Tondo as commissioner it is knowledge in the public sphere that the disputes pertaining land acquisition have increased tremendously just as land pertaining communal issues.
4. Most recently we are aware of the commissioner’s new gift package of juicy plots of land which have been seized or commandeered by his ministry and doled out to young girls and politicians as
5. Also much to our disdain is the young commissioner’s insatiable quest to court trouble at all cost. It is no longer news that the proposed site for the construction of a shopping mall (SHOPRITE) has become an issue of controversy as the said commissioner had allocated land belonging to a prominent family in Benue after he had actually clandestinely acquired a piece of that for himself. This matter has already become an issue of meetings and settlements.
6. He as constantly under the guise of town planning decided to confiscate lands belonging to well meaning Benue sons and daughters, including political threats , business men and even the religious converting them to his gift packages not minding the outcome such acts.
7. We also are surprised as to the commissioner’s decision to jettison the Benue Geographical Information System project initiated by the former commissioner. This act we view as mischievous attempt to acquire land and not account for such as with this module as seen in order place where it has been put in place, can give land owners access to the status of their property.
8. As youth concerned about our tomorrow, about a better Benue state we have been irked by this impending crash of administration in the ministry and have decided to state as follows:
a. John Tondo desists from his popular land grabbing attitude and returns all lands to their original owners.
b. That all who have paid his exorbitant C of O fees be given their certificates and taken to the said layout for acquisition of such lands.
c. That the abandoned Benue Geographical Information System be relooked into with the aim of actualising this great developmental initiative.
d. That the price per square meter as hiked by John Tondo for the payment of C of O, be reviewed with immediate effect.

Long Live Benue League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Long Live Benue State
Long Live Federal Republic of Nigeria

Agaba Melvin
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

  1. Kano says:

    What do you expect when a thug is placed in a position designated for professionals? The young man in question had done all these blunders not knowing anything about land administration, he forgot they were still in Abuja selling out the Gbagii lands when they got hold of the Abuja master plan!? we know all this it’s shameful to talk about because nothing good comes out when you call his name be it AGIS or FCDA. Talking about the technical know how! This young man just got his professional c ertification February 2014 yet he’s been affixing the prefix Surveyor to this name prior his certification and knows nothing, I mean nothing and has pushed all who knows and are in line with ethics and standard of land administration. It’s going to be a serious issue when the Federal is in the know of what’s going on in the state, the land use act states the land belongs to the Government but still recognize the settlers.
    The Benue Land and Geographic Information System: Someone who doesn’t know the A B C’s of his profession wouldn’t know the advantages of going digital, how many states still uses the sketch plans? When you sit around your professional mates you turn to learn but in his case he is not recognized as one, besides, the learning process is too much for him.
    Please permit me to leave it at this, I need to go back to my Okada business; that’s the level we are as graduates.


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