The error of Hon. Emmanuel Jime’s handlers

Posted: January 29, 2014 in Opinion, Politics
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By Ati Kenneth Kengkeng

I don’t know when or how I became a member of a facebook group ‘Ready for Jime’,but last night,while reviewing my overall participation on social networking,I stumbled on the group and decided to post this link of the article I wrote in December aspa the “Jime Youth Fiesta 2013”.
I discovered this morning that I was deleted from the group.I sent in a request to be added and an unsuspecting admin added me immediately and I posted the link again.As I write this post,barely 15minutes after,I was deleted from the group again.

In my thinking,the Honourable should be given the opportunity to peruse the thoughts of those he desires to lead in a short while.As one of those who the ‘Jime Youth Fiesta 2013’ was organised for,I consider it my responsibility to give Hon. Jime the necessary feedback his aides may not avail him.My refusal to resort to sychophancy should not be mistaken for opposition to his candidature.

I think Hon. Jime means well for Benue and so do I and many others.For example,last night and this morning,we discussed and are still discussing topical issues on Peter Chieshe’s timeline,another gubernatorial aspirant,just like many others.I have engaged Msoo Mee on his timeline over the candidature and prospects of Hon. Alex Adum where we had fruitful deliberations.

I have engaged John Jebe times without number over the programmes of a Mike Aondoakaa Governorship,just like I’ve done Godwin Tsenongo on a Hinga Biem candidature.These are just 4 examples among many in a pack.jimeI shouldn’t be made or reduced to look like a Jime hater or as though I’m on vendetta of sort.A lot and enough has happened for everybody to be skeptical and my skepticism is even across board.

Over the years and even today,the failure and abysmal performance of certain political office holders and seekers is and has been attributed to the unguarded mis-steps and shenanigans of their handlers.It will amount to a spectacular lack of vision and is grossly unwise for anyone to aspire to fill the shoes of a Doyin Okupe,Reuben Abati,Reno Omokri or Labaran Maku.

I’m afraid that Hon. Emmanuel Jime’s handlers are fast towing that line. As a matter of fact,they(Jime handlers)know better else they wouldn’t have followed their principal from PDP to APC.Be that as it may,I remain dogged,focused and unwavering towards creating avenues for discussions where we particularly youths can have the best at the helm of affairs and other offices of our state in 2015 and beyond.It is left to Hon. Emmanuel Jime’s handlers to ascertain the amount of damage they have stimulated with this particular course of action and others hitherto.

Lastly,I’m one of those who have stopped complaining and is up,ready and willing and in the process of committing personal resources of time,energy and money in the build up to 2015 untill Benue realises her true self especially from the youth perspective.

Truly yours!

Kengkeng is an agro-allied entrepreneur,speaker,youth development consultant,social media expert and winner of Heir Apparent Leadership Reality Tv Show organised by the National Orientation Agency.
He tweets @Atiphobis

Agro-Allied Entrepreneur|Speaker|Youth Develoment Consultant|Winner of Heir Apparent Leadership Reality Tv Show|For God and Country

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