Police Fingered in Benue Fulani Attacks

Posted: January 21, 2014 in News
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As hundreds flee homes
As hostilities continue between residents of Makurdi, the Benue State Capital and Fulani herdsmen resulting in the desertation of areas of Makurdi, like the Adaka and Kanshio settlements, the residents have accused the Nigerian police of assisting the invading Fulani herdsmen.

Gov. Gabriel Suswam

Gov. Gabriel Suswam

In an interaction with atiterkula, some of the refugees who are currently seeking refuge in High Level area of Makurdi, said they witnessed collaboration between the police and the Fulani herdsmen who they said traded cows who they lost in the clash for bullets and cover from the police that were drafted to keep peace.
A victim, who simply gave her name as Msurshima, said she was surprised when they discovered that rather than ensuring peace the police drafted to Adaka which also hosts a Mobile police barracks, were instead helping themselves to meat offered them by the fulanis who in turn got cover and bullets from the police.
“If you go there you will be surprised what you will see. The police are instead collecting meat of dead cows and giving the Fulani people support and bullets to kill us. They tell us to run because our lives are more important so that the Fulani can come and destroy our property”, she said.
When approached with the allegations, the spokesman of the state police command, Daniel Ezeala who was obviously provoked blamed the residents for the prolonged violence as according to him they were rustling the Fulani cows and thus causing the fight. He however denied allegations of police involvement calling the allegation a figment of imagination, claiming that the police were not furnished with relevant information to carry their duties.
In his anger, he retorted “Quote me that I said the allegation is unfounded and a figment of imagination. That the police are not backed up with information on criminal issues in the country, hence, the occurrence of such crisis. “If I lose my job today, I still have where to fix myself up. I am going to stop this call on you now. How am I not sure that your Tiv brothers are the ones killing and sharing the cows? The police are not part of this allegation. You journalists should go out and investigate on these issues and come and give the police information to go and arrest such people”.

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