Tsav drags PDP Youth Leader to NHRC

Posted: January 10, 2014 in Crime, News
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Retired Commissioner of Police Alh. Abubakar Tsav , has laid petition before the National Human Rights Commission, NHRC over “connivance” of some security personnel and politicians in Gboko, Benue state on extrajudicial killings.

Alh. Abubakar Tsav

Alh. Abubakar Tsav

In his petition titled “Extra-judicial killings and shielding/connivance with known criminals” said that he filed the petition after failing to get the police to discharge their constitutional responsibilities of protecting life and property.
He said on several cases he has been receiving phone calls from his people of how some people are killing citizens and nothing is happening to them.
The petition highlighted several killings which he expressed was done in conspiracy with the policemen.
Pointing out that the youth leader of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP in Gboko, Aondonengen Ansha who was involved in the killing of one Terna A. Manger along Jos Street, Gboko and allegedly “declared” wanted by the police in Makurdi “is always seen armed and moving freely with the Police in Gboko.”
Tsav said that that the cause of the extra-judicial killings was politics. He however did not involved the governor of the state into the matter adding that “the governor is peace loving person because since he took over, the level of peace we have in Gboko is better than what we have during the time of Akume.”
The Executive secretary of NHRC Prof Ben Angwe told journalist that the allegation is a very serious issue stressing that there are alleged dead bodies in Gboko General Hospital.
“The allegations are very, very grave, very serious which made this commission to issue invitations and summonses. And further more it is alleged in the petition that there are corpses of those extrajudicial killings deposited at the general hospital there in Gboko.
“That is the reason why we also invited the commissioner of health, the medical officer in charge of Gboko General Hospital and we also give them interim major stopping them from removing any corpses from that hospital and for them to come with report and identity of all persons there and autopsy report carried out by them in respect of every such body deposited in that hospital.
Angwe said that there is no certain number of death ascertained yet until the commission finishes its investigation on the matter, but the counsel to the accused persons Barr Samuel Tsumba told newsmen that the number of the corpses his clients are accused of killing were 50.
He however disregards the claim.
“We know as of fact that most of these corpses were recovered from accident scenes and kept there and till now nobody has come to identify these corpses. Some have stayed there for over one year and six months and I can’t see how he can turn round now and said my clients killed them,” he said.

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