Interior Ministry: The Need for Sanitation

Posted: December 15, 2013 in Politics
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The interior ministry is an integral ministry in the scheme of things in our great nation of Nigeria. It handles sensitive government agencies that even include security, as a result should be basically well ordered and compliant to the percieved blowing wind of change in the country.

Not withstanding, the ministry has proven a poor showing this year and as the year runs out it our honest desire like every other nigerian that things be put on better pedestal in our great nation. In lieu of this we will try to bring you highlights of the irregularities in this ministry that has neccesitated the call for a sanitation.
Events that have unfolded in the course of the year indicate that the ministry under Comr. Abba Francis Morro, has been allowed to run amock amidst anti corruption and adherence to order.

The ministry’s obvious problem began with a recruitment excercise (which has not been concluded), when the immigration service announced plans to recruit personnel of all cadres. Just weeks into the announcement, critics took to the air, kicking against the ministry’s sale of recruitment forms at N1000. 00. According to them it was unreasonable to demand payment of a huge sum as N1000.00 from unemployed graduates who obviously can barely make living. The critics of this revenue drive described it as a mockery to the job seeking youth.
It is not certain if this is the reason for the silence  observed as to the outcome of the sale of recruitment forms as atiterkula gathered that the recruitment proper may no longer hold till the heat and rumpis caused by the temporary botched excercise dies down.
Closely following this recruitment saga came the abyssmal presentation of the Fire Service at the budget hearing sittings conducted by the National Assembly.
The fire service which stands to loose its 2014 bugetary allocation as a result of its failure to properly defend its alleged expenditure of the current budget.  According to the committee, the presentation was filled with accounting flaws and unconnected statements. It claimed the presentation was wrought with missing account records and uncoordinated figures of expenditure lumped together without proper explanation on how some of the funds were spend.
The Fire Service was also accused of recieving money from one over head to other purposes in different areas completely unrelated to the approved section. The committee further inisisted on conducting a round of alleged projects executed by the establishment in 2013 especially the Fire Service Academy to verify the claims on documents.
As if this was not enough the Supritending Minister of Interior, Comrade Abba Morro, himself also had his own share of tongue lashing by the National Assembly, when he also could not properly defend his implementation of the 2013 budget.
Comr. Morro could not account for release and expenditure as presented in his documentation as it was filled with contradictions in voted sums for projects and release as against work done. The minister whose presentation claimed to have implemented 100% of its budget later noted that almost all the projects were on-going. This was even as the appologetic minister who begged for time to sort out the discrepances, was taken to the cleaners over the recruitment fee saga.
Apart from the seeming financial indiscipline, the minister had two of its departments, Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) and the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) embroiled in a heated land tussle. The dou had an earlier disagreement over the piece of land which houses th NSCDC Staff College. Many critics have blamed this tussle on administrative lapses in the ministry whom they claim did not clearly hand over the land in question to the NSCDC from the NIS (its original owners)
Tgen came the biggest episode, this involved land racketeering in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), which the Gudu Command was alleged to be involved.
At the House of Representatives Committee hearing into the land swap and allocation fraud committee, Two Directors acting on behalf of the NSCDC, using corps’ office located at Duru district for sales of land plots around FCT to the general public.
According to a corps officer, DSC James, who testified at the hearing, she had personally sold about 50 reciepts to land purchases at the office. She further claimed that she had been transfered by the Gudu Commandant, Raibe Saidu, from the operations department to the housing department for this sole purpose.
Moreso it is no longer news that the nation has be plagued with the issue of vandalism and terror; apart from the defence ministry which seems to be doing a lot in this regard, the porous nature of the nations borders have been a huge set back to this war as most of these attackers and arms used in these attacks have been alleged to pass through these porous borders. This is even as the NSCDC who have finally been armed with guns and sophsticated weapons have failed to secure the nation’s oil pipelines and other facilities even amidst the surrender and rehabilitation of most of the millitants erstwhile responsinle for these vandalism.
It is obvious that the ministry plays a very pivotal role in the nation’s economy and security thus it is adviseable for a proper restructuring and also reorientation been carried out to ensure complete achievement of the transformation agenda.

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