New PDP Denies Merger with APC

Posted: November 29, 2013 in federal, Uncategorized
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The New PDP has denied reports of a merger with APC as according to their spokesman, Mr Chukwuemeka Eze, they have not yet signed any memorandum of understanding, MOU, with the APC.
The National Publicity Secretary of the group, Mr Chukwuemeka Eze, denied the merger when he spoke with newsmen in Abuja. According to him, the group is still open to reconciliation and described what happened on November 26 at the Kano Governor’s lodge as a declaration of intent to merge.
Eze laboured to explain that the event which was widely celebrated in the camp of APC was misrepresented, adding that the parties involved were yet to sign the memorandum of understanding, MoU.
“The parties in the alliance have just set up a committee to work on the conditions of the purported merger. Can we merged without conditions?” he asked.
He said the report of the committee would be submitted to the steering committee on December 26, adding “it is only after we have signed the MoU that you can say we have merged.
Eze emphasised that Baraje’s first phrase was that “we have agreed to work together” but it was Chief Bisi Akande, who insisted on the use of the word “merger”.
“I want to tell you that the matter is not concluded. We have to share positions. We have to agree on what will go to us, and what will go to us, is what the committee is still working on, nobody has signed the MoU,” he said.

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