Benue records 139 fire incidents, 5 deaths

Posted: November 29, 2013 in Arts and life, BENUE, life and human interest, Uncategorized
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It has been established that 139 fire incidences with five deaths were recorded in Benue State within the last one year, the State Chief Fire Officer, Lawrence Apine revealed.

Apine who spoke to Nigerian Pilot in his office in Makurdi, the state capital yesterday, disclosed that properties worth several hundreds of millions of Naira were also estimated to have been lost in those fire incidences.

He recalled that in one of the fire incidences which took place a few months back in Makurdi, three members of one family were roasted to death while the only surviving member of that family is still recuperating at the hospital.

The chief fire officer who explained that most of the fire incidences occurred during rainy season, disclosed further that over 70 per cent of them were as a result of electrical faults and accidents involving petrol tankers.

Apine advised the people of the state to always keep their surroundings clean and refrain their children from playing with matches or naked wires, adding that cigarette ends and pump ashes should also be disposed properly.

He also urged people to learn to put off their electrical appliances before leaving their homes or offices even as he called on people to buy fire extinguishers and learn how to use them, adding that bush fire should be done under close supervision during this dry season period.

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