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Benue cat dancers at the carnival

Benue cat dancers at the carnival

Benue Carnival is a cultural carnival and an annual event that began five (5) years ago. The event is a celebrated whereby Benue indigenes are allowed to showcase their God given natural talents to the world. Individuals or groups who perform creditably are awarded prizes, selected on merit and sponsored to represent the state in cultural events in Nigeria and beyond.
Culture is a veritable tool for social and economic development. The main vision of this event was to integrate the various cultural behaviour in the state with those of other ethnic group from other parts of Nigeria and other nations.

Programme of Events

Activities for the 5th edition of the Benue Youth Cultural Carnival 2013 are as follows:

September 1st-31st November: sale of forms for Carnival Queen Beauty Pageant at Zenith bank Makurdi.

November 31st: Carnival magazine launch and awards night for individuals who have contributed to the development of youth in Benue State.

December 1st-31st: Carnival Village at IBB Square Makurdi.

December 23rd Carnival Queen Beauty Pageant Contest at AIK theater complex.

December 27th: Carnival jam at IBB Square Makurdi.

December 29th: Carnival procession from BSU 2nd gate to IBB Square.

December 31st: Carnival village closes with breathtaking performances from musicians and comedians.

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