Adendem Community in need of social amenities

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Adendem community in need of social amenities
by Iky Pramenga Frank
The nucleus of any society is development; and development is measured by the growth of social infrastructure among others. In almost every society regarded as ‘healthy’, the emphasis placed on standard of living is wrapped around social or basic amenities-which makes life a bit comfortable.
The plight of Adendem community in Logo Local Government Area of Benue State is pathetic. The community struggles through the absence of major basic infrastructure, and the pockets of amenities around have been degenerated over the years for poor habit of maintenance.
The community suffers backwardness in the availability of social amenities such as electricity, good roads; healthcare, for instance, is a challenge that poses greater risks to lives of the people living there.
Villagers have to travel many kilometers to find health care, and death has resulted in cases where urgent attention was needed but would not be immediately given.
Recently, Rural Search visited the community, on arrival it was obvious the people are caged in untold hardships. When the kindred head of Mbashav, Chief Mbaterlan Aka, granted audience it was a confirmation that urgent attention was needed from the state government to ease their dire condition.
Chief Aka expressed sadness in view of the suffering of the community. He pointed out that the death rates were becoming high as a result of lack of medical facility on ground.
Adendem community is known for its immense contributions to the economic growth in the state. The community produces agricultural produce such as yams, cassava, rice, soyabean, groundnut, maize to mention a few.
However, in the past years, the performance of farmers in this area has dropped drastically due to ill-health and related cases which usually end in death of most farmers due to lack of good health care.
Rural Search, also spoke to some members of the community which cuts accross traders and school children. The plea from every indigene of the community to his Excellency, Governor Gabriel Suswam is for an emergency relief that would bring the community into a more habitable state.
Considering the socio-economic viability of Adendem community which produces a variety of food and cash crops, and by extension contributes immensely to the revenue base of the state, there is an urgent need for the state and local governments to collaborate and bring in good and standard medical facilities in the area. The necessity of other basic amenities such as good roads, portable water and electricity will be an added advantage for the development and growth of Adendem community, and Benue State at large.
Iky Pramenga is an intern with The Voice.
This piece was first published in The Voice of  Friday, August 16, 2013 and reproduced here.
The only source of portable water was a solar powered borehole (now generator powered) which also services over 20 villages around it which was dug by Late Engr. Bisibi Ati who is from Adendem village.
Also the land on which all the crops are produced is cultivated on purchased land which was also bought off Wukari Local government by the late benefactor of the community, since all their cultivation land was robbed off them.
Logo Local Government and Anyiin also has electric power but has not been linked to Adendem and its environs even as it borders Taraba State and has played a frontal role on the political history of the local government and Sankera as a whole.

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