Al- Makura’s New Chiefdoms: Tribalism at its Peak

Posted: October 18, 2013 in political, Uncategorized
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It is obvious that the Government of Tanko Al-Makura in Nassarawa state is out on a drive to marginalize while uplifting certain communities and ethnicities above others. This injustice is permeated for reasons best known to him but it is also widely noted that the recent crisis in the state may also have been fuelled by the disillusionment experienced by these disadvantaged ethnicities.

Most recently the governor exhibited this crass disregard for the feelings of the state indigenes and his deep rooted tribal sentiments when he created 10 new chefdoms while neglecting the major tribes of Eggon, Tiv and Alago.

For instance, The Tiv community of the state has continued to decry the inability of the state government to accord them traditional leadership of its people. It has posited that the persistent communal violence in the state especially those of Fulani/farmers would have been minimal if government had accorded them traditional leadership rather than the present situation where its people are being represented by people who do not understand the culture of the Tiv, thereby taking undue advantage to shortchange, harass, molest and in some instances, intimidate them.

Sources revealed that one of the major promises made by governor Al-Makura to the Tiv community of the state during his electioneering campaigns was to create chiefdom for the community, a promise that has not been fulfilled.

In the same vein, the Eggon ethnic nationality of the state has alleged a gross marginalization against the tribe by successive governments including the present administration. They have specifically made mentioned of non creation of a chiefdom for its deserving communities as a great injustice meted against them, a development that is said to have contributed to the communal violence bedeviling the state.

Barrister Zachariah Alumaga, Legal Adviser to Ombatse group of the Eggon nation had restated that the Eggon ethnic group which he claimed was the most populated tribe in the state told the Judicial Commission of Inquiry currently investigating the killing of security operatives at Alakyo village in Lafia local government area of the state that the Ombatse group was formed to pray to their ancestors with a view to finding a way forward for the Eggon nation having been confronted with numerous challenges.

But the argument in some quarters has been that chiefdoms cannot be created in already existing ones. Secretary-General of the Alago Development Association, Honourable David Ayewa expressed this position in an interview with newsmen in Lafia, the state capital recently. According to him, “there are existing chiefdoms in the Alago nation and so, it would not be possible for other chiefdoms to be created as being demanded by the Eggon people; you cannot create kingdom on another kingdom.”

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