AEOYE 2013 Will Reawaken Tiv Consciousness- CPC Chair

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CPC Chairman, AEOYE 2013, Brahms Tor-Ikuan

CPC Chairman, AEOYE 2013, Brahms Tor-Ikuan

Brahms Tor-Ikuan is the Chairman, Central Planning Committee of the Ate-U –Tiv end of year event for 2013 (AEOYE2013); an annual event organized by the Association for Tiv Empowerment (Ate-U-Tiv). In this interview gives highlights to the December event, what to expect and Reasons for such an event. Excerpts:

Ate U Tiv logo

Ate U Tiv logo

Sir, we understand you are the CPC Chairman of Ate U Tiv End of Year events, but what is Ate U Tiv End of year all about? When are the events coming up?

Tor-Ikuan: Yes, you are right, am the chief servant (laughs) to labour and put up an event worthy of Ate u Tiv status this year.
Before I explain to you what Ate u Tiv end of year events mean, it is most appropriate to first of all define Ate u Tiv itself, you see, Ate u Tiv is an assembly of the entire Tiv sons and daughters, we converge online on day to day basis and discuss issues concerning our land, the Tiv nation, this is one of the best efforts in ensuring unity and empowerment of angbianev. This I am certain because, when a family discuss every day irrespective of their distances and location like we do, tell me how such a family will not be united in all issues confronting them? I am so glad that at last we have a forum where we can really look at issues affecting our people on a round the clock basis.

You and I know very well that through Ate u Tiv, angbianev are being empowered through jobs and various other ways. You are aware that Ate u Tiv has as one of its principal agenda to uphold and preserve our cultural practices and values, considering all these, we decided three years ago that we interact online everyday and converse in all forms of tunes, you know what I mean, we see names online and have even made friends online whom we had not met one on one, angbianev on this forum have reached out to others in various ways without meeting them.
We now said please, let’s meet and place the names we’ve meet online to their faces as the year ends and most angbianev will be home, and that was the beginning of a great event that sees us today moving from strength to strength .
This year’s events, we are focusing our efforts at uniting the Tiv nation to get back all that we have lost in terms of culture, the Tiv self respect, our position in this country and everything that will get us to where we should’ve been by now.

The events will take off in December, the dates for our health outreach are not yet fixed but for other events, we have picked 26th to 29th of December to give the Tiv people what they have not seen in a long time. Let’s just keep a date.

What are the programmes you have outlined?

Tor-Ikuan: We have had previous CPCs, they worked hard and set precedence, we cannot afford to do less, we are building on the successes and merits of past CPCs, as a result, and we are maintaining our sporting event with an inclusion of other sports and games. We also have our regular symposium maintained with a common theme: Rediscovering the relevance of the Tiv nation in the Nigerian agenda.This theme will be discussed deeply with a lot of sub themes that will be all embracing.
We also have an objective to reinstate the fast extinction of the most cherished language and culture in the land, the Tiv language and culture. As a result, we have put together a series of activities to that respect, these activities are carefully selected to give everyone a most entertaining outing, as well as go a long way in enhancing our cultural and language preservation, to mention a few, we have Fa dzwa Tiv ( Tiv language) competition, cultural night, kwagh hir competition, kuma she u ate contest, traditional fashion competition/parade, etc .so you see, we are loaded with events that are going to make you wish you never go home(laughs).

What are the challenges in your way?

Tor-Ikuan: funds, sponsorship. This is the major challenge, you know Ate u Tiv is not a revenue generating organization, we have a budget that I cannot mention here now because, it is still waiting for fine tuning and presentation to the General Assembly, GA, for approval but I assure you, it is quite a budget carefully thought and well addressed, apart from that, we do not have much problems yet. I have a crack CPC that is working round the clock to ensure we succeed not minding it takes and I must commend them. Just hope you gentle men of the press within and without this forum partner to ensure the events receives its due publicity and attention.

How do you intend to overcome these challenges?

Tor-Ikuan: We hope to approach a willing GA to help out with donations. We are de-emphasizing cash, we hope that angbianev will give us the required items; we will take cash only where unavoidable. We are doing our best to overcome the challenges.

What are the overall benefits that these events will have on Tivland generally?

Tor-Ikuan: What can be more beneficial than rediscovering our roots to unite to a purposeful Tiv existence in this country that has relegated us to the back stage where we do not have a say in the issues of our fatherland? What can be more beneficial than bringing back the richest culture in the world that is being lost?

What are the overall benefits that these events will have on Tivland generally?

Tor-Ikuan: The events have been spread across Tiv land, the health outreach is proposed to hold in zone A while other events ll hold in Gboko and Makurdi.

Finally, what should people expect?

Tor-Ikuan: I want Tiv people to embrace Ate u Tiv. At least we now have a forum where we can pursue our Tiv agenda, I want people to expect to see Tiv nation back to the land of our dreams if we actually give ourselves a chance, let them expect to see our culture back to the days of FESTAC 77, let them expect an event that will keep them looking forward to every end of year. Let them expect to experience in practical the unity Ate u Tiv is introducing to the land through this events and discourse. Let them know that for us the Ate U Tiv members, it’s all for one and one for all.

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