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I am not a politician neither am I known to join issues with politicians and their paid lips who take to name calling and mudslinging to earn their daily bread. Moreso I am not one to deny anyone of their fundamental right to speech and association or expression even if this right is abused and misused to commit slander and image smearing as is common with our new breed of cyber politicians and jobbers disguised as activists. Unfortunately I have been forced to join in this issue where my precious Okpokwu Local government is being brought to public disrepute by obvious no gooders who have been sponsored to fan embers of discord and enmity amongst political leaders from my dear Okpokwu, pitching them against the chairman of the council while also smearing the image of the same person who was duly elected our people who have still stood behind this amazon even amidst this cacophony of tales.
Those that know and have encountered me know my stance about lies and cowardice. This is where my grudge now stems. As after reading this blackmailing piece and done my background research I am convinced that it is a case of the voice of jacob and body of Esau as I see the hand of the former Secretary to Okpokwu LG Council Hon Vincent Odo Tula who has vowed to run down his erstwhile principal for booting him out of office for reasons of fraud and armtwisting-his trademark.
It is characteristic of Tula to pull down Benue sons and daughters of which he has even succeeded in sending a couple of them to their early graves. The most recent of these attacks and pull him down character exhibition is his famous petition against the Honourable Minister of Interior, Comrade Abba Moro who he mischievously glorifies in his cacophony of lies. It is obvious that this retrogressive fellow believes that no Okpokwu indigene should rise above the snake line of poverty.
This irony filled satire, has only succeeded in showing how shallow his thoughts are in trying to draw the executive governor of Benue Rt. Hon. Gabriel Suswam into this child’s scribble. I wonder what he aims to achieve by saying Miss julie Obeta claims to be the governor’s girlfriend and thus got to where she is today and might be elsewhere higher tomorrow? Is he also determined to wreak havoc in the wonderful life of the first family? It is common knowledge that Juliana Obetta has been a grassroot mobilizer popular in Benue, which even earned her a strategic position in the Goodluck /Sambo campaign team (who was she dating to earn this slot?). She also is known to have run an elaborate campaign which earned her that enviable position of Chairman of the council.
It is on record that Juliana Obetta ran the most capital intensive campaign for the Ado/Okpokwu/Ogbadibo federal constituency and toured all the wards in the entire constituency where she met with the youths, women and other various interest groups to sell her ‘Hope for the Hopeless blueprint. She might not spent donkey years in politics like others but the people are never in doubt that Julie always mean well for them and this in turn has remained her strength in a male dominated career.
One may begin to wonder if Hon. Tula’s grouse is actually with Miss Obetta’s so-claimed administrative faults or is an ego contest between him and the chairman’s brother who has taken even more space in his expose than the problem he claims to be addressing.
He has furnished us with fictitious figures involved in dreamt up fraud; I give him kudos for that; although it is expected of a former banker. But for clarity sake those who have known Ms. Obetta for a long while know and are convinced in her business acumen and thus consider it laughable that he paints a caricature of a business built out of hardwork and dedication. A business that had already taken international dimensions even before she became Chairman in 2012.

It is commendable that he chose to expose the worth of Rawlec Investment Limited which is purportedly owned by Miss Obetta. But he has forgotten to be sincere in the means whereby it made such wealth. For clarity sakes I beg to expose here that, Rawlec Investment Limited has undertaken various contract jobs around Nigeria amongst which are; a multi-million motorcycle supply contract with the Nassarawa state government in 2006; imported aluminum profiles from China shortly before Hon Obetta who is now former Chairman of the Company assumed office as Chairman of Okpokwu LGC and is also a major contractor with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) project in Benue State. The records are there to check.
I also strongly protest the demeaning and negative description of our hard working youth whom he has blatantly refuse to recongnise and has described as, “impoverished youths whose conscience can be bought over with a chilled bottle of Gulder, hot plate of pepper soup or N200 MTN recharge card”. But what other diction can a blackmailer come up with? Can this describe the gory tales and untimely death of Mr. Friday Okpe Elias Elahor who was a Regional Manager of British America Tobacco in Enugu that has continued to hang on the neck of this self-styled ambassador of calumny and acrimony? Probably, his definition of youth empowerment necessitated the numerous sms he instigated against the deceased that he was a ritualist.

Little wonder this piece has eulogised a serial fraudster who was disgracefully sacked from service by Oceanic Bank and has made look patriotic, by saying Hon. Tula resigned willingly out of desire to serve his people. I make bold to say this is deodourised bullshit because I am aware of lobbying by the self-acclaimed patriot to be appointed secretary before the magnanimuos chairman appointed the snake in disguise as a way of rehabilitating him. So truth be told that Juliana Obetta’s only mistake is engaging an ingrate in person of Hon. Odo Tula.
It is said that you first remove the log in your eye before removing the speck in a neighbor’s eye with that said I make bold to ask Hon. Tula or his phony, to please make public the source of his sudden wealth after the ill-fated fall of the Ibru dynasty. This is even as it is common knowledge that he and four others had connived in the heat of the saga to sell of some property belonging to the Ibrus; specifically four buildings at games village Abuja, which findings have proven that he used to acquire his Lexus jeep, a property in Kaduna and a magnificient edifice in the village. Where does a mid-level operations officer of a Nigerian Bank get all these wealth? I also beg to say here that EFCC has not properly carried out its responsibility else a thief like Tula should still have been under investigation.

It is also laughable that if the Chairman has as claimed engaged casual labour against the ban on employment and some misinformed person faults such commendable empowerment stride then I beg to ask, what manner of patriot is he? More over there is no ban on casual labourers especially when the chairman is aware of the plight of his people and also has developed her IGR to an enviable point where she can comfortably take up more hands.

I challenge him to come out and face a committee of the Federal Ministry of Interior that is investigating his shoddy transactions as a contractor or get his luggage ready for Kuje prisons where his cobelligerents are eagerly waiting to receive him.

Joseph Idoko Itodo contributed this piece from Benue State Polytechnic, Ugbokolo.

  1. Evelyn says:

    Bunch of selfish individual representing personal interest at the expense of the people. Where were you when a “thief” was made a secretary to LGC and why must Mr. Vincent shut his eyes to the mismanagement till he was victimized? Probably because he was enjoying his own share. And you, i wonder how much you were paid to write this. Its such a shame to stoop to sell ur intellect for a plate of porridge.


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