UNICEF Fund: Benue inaugurates probe committee

Posted: September 7, 2013 in BENUE, political, Uncategorized
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Benue State Commissioner for Water Resources, Mr Conrad Wergba, has inaugurated a committee to investigate the alleged mismanagement of UNICEF funds by the state’s Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency (BERWASA).



According to Wergba  the misappropriated funds comprised 50 per cent of UNICEF counterpart funding for projects in the state.

He expressed regret that the said funds were meant for the provision of rural water supply, sanitation and the promotion of hygiene in the state.

He indicted the agency for failing to furnish the ministry with a conclusive report on its activities since his assumption of duty at the ministry.

Wergba, who gave the committee 11-point terms of reference, also charged it to suggest proactive measures to at prevent the continuous misappropriation of funds.

 “Since I took over as the commissioner for this ministry, the agency under review, has failed to provide a conclusive report of its activities”. He expressed regret that the activities of the agency had brought “total shame and disgrace to the people of the state due to the embarrassing report of the mismanagement of the funds”. He querried.

The commissioner said the inauguration of the committee followed a formal complaint to him by UNICEF officials in the state that the counterpart funds given to the agency were misappropriated.

The development, he noted, had led not only to threats of termination of UNICEF contract with the state, but also withdrawal of its activities.

Speaking on behalf of the committee, the Chairperson, Mrs Esther Ishoribo, promised that the committee would provide a detailed report of the activities of the agency at the end of its investigation.


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