APC chieftains contributed to Nigeria’s ruin-Abba Moro

Posted: August 17, 2013 in political, Uncategorized
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Minister of Interior, Comrade Abba Moro has taken a swipe on the chieftains of the recently registered All Progressive Congress, APC, describing them as among those that contributed to the problems presently facing the country.

Minister of Interior Comrade Abba Moro

Minister of Interior Comrade Abba Moro

Comrade Moro, who spoke with newsmen yesterday at his Okungaga country home in Okpokwu local government of Benue State said the ruining of the country was as a result of the inability of the leaders of yesteryears, including some of the APC henchmen who he said assumed the highest position in the country to provide the necessary infrastructure to take it to the next level.

“If you look at the characters of person that are in APC, you will want to ask yourself some fundamental questions, are they new persons, are they angels from somewhere that have not participated in the ruin that Nigeria is today?


“There is no single person that is there that has not been an active participant in the political project of Nigeria,” Moro stated.

The minister who further accused APC of lack of vision and mission for the country and it’s citizens said it was not enough for its chieftains to gallivant across the country hoodwinking Nigerians as if they are angels that possess the magic wand that could solve the problems of the country.

He referred Nigerians to America and Britain where their past leaders rather than criticize their successors gave them the opportunity to try their mettle and regretted that in Nigeria, the reverse has been the case as past leaders, like retired General Mohammadu Buhari who he said was intolerant of opposing voices now seem to champion the cause of the opposition.

Comrade Moro also expressed surprise with the manner the office of the president is being denigrated by members of APC and described their action as ridiculous since it is same office the party is fighting tooth and nail to occupy in 2015.

The minister said Nigerians will not be fooled by the metamorphosis that brought about APC, insisting that Nigerians have experienced such antics in the past. “We have seen it before, we had APP before, we had ANPP, we had AD before, we had ACN, the same characters,” Moro emphasized.

On his purported ambition to contest the governorship seat in his state in 2015, the minister said he is presently being saddled with the onerous task of securing this country, a responsibility, he said he was not prepared to disappoint Nigerians and the president who considered capable of carrying out the task.

He said there are myriads of problems facing the country which he said has made it difficult for him to be distracted to an election that is about two years ahead, stressing that if he is to contest he will want to contest to win and not to lose.

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