We Have not Spent 500Milion flood Money- Suswam

Posted: June 2, 2013 in BENUE, political, Uncategorized
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The Benue state governor Rt. Hon. Gabriel Suswam has refuted claims from various quarters that the state government has spent the 5 miullion Naira relief fund meant for victims of the 2012 flood mishap which swept across the nation causing serious damage to lives and property especially in Benue state where at least five local governments were adversely affected.

According to Suswam, the money was intact and had not been touched or tampered with but was waiting for a definite decision on what specifically the money would be put into so as to better affect the affected local governments.

Suswam who decried the nature of rumour mongering in the state, further informed that the decision to jettison the sharing of the money among victims as done by other states and so expected by members of the public wa out of the realization that due to the meager amount as against the volume of damage caused the victims would rather part with paltry sums of at most 200 Naira which would have done them no good.

The governor thus said the state had decide to invest the money in capital projects and had allocated certain amounts to the various affected local governments according to damage caused and that the state executive council had directed the affected local government chairmen to submit their bill of quantities for disbursement of the fund.

… so for people who believe I have shared the money among few of us, there is nothing like that we will use it for meaningful projects. We have decided to embark on meaningful projects that will affect the lives of our people rather than give them piecemeal, so we will distribute the money according to proportion of damage. Now we are waiting for bill quantities from the various local government chairmen. He informed.

Meanwhile he also appealed to those who have built houses on water channels to desist from such practices and called on residents around flood prone areas to vacate such areas to forestall further occurrences as well lessen the damage perchance the flood reoccur. Suswam further stated that to manage future environmental disasters, he had created the ministry of environment, enjoining the people to make use of the opportunity.

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