We have disbursed over 400Million Naira- BBI

Posted: May 10, 2013 in BENUE, Uncategorized
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The Benue Business Incubator (BBI), has disclosed that whithin the inception of the small scale and medium enterprises loan scheme, it has already disbursed over 400 million naira to beneficiaries and already many more have been approved to collect their facilities.
Speaking to newsmen in their makurdi office, the Chief Executive officer, Mr. Msoo Mee stated the scheme which is financed by the Bank of Industries with counterpart funding from the Benue state government who have committed 500 million naira each to the revolving loan scheme, is aimed at boosting business ventures in the state.
The chief executive who met with journalists to clear misconceptions shrouding the scheme, informed that it was not designed to be an elitist scheme but to primarily cater for businesses in the state as well nurture already established businesses to blossom. He however did not rule out the possibility of granting loans to elites and politicians whom he noted were also part of the society but was quick to add that they would also pass thtough the same process negating the favouritism factor.
“…we wanted to be sure that only people deserving of this money get it. There is no way a politician will get access without satisfying the criteria laid down, not like they have been ruled out of the scheme because they are also members of this society”… there is no way the government can influence this process as we are not funded by government.” He stressed.
Mr. Mee also called on the benue business society to make use of the opportunity as all initial  beaurucratic hitches have been cleared. He noted that at initial take off of the scheme, there were a couple of controversies in the screening criteria, a situation he attributed to the BOI, admitting also that these had been cleared disbursements already taking place.

  1. NAIJA MAN says:

    Anyway I don’t know the beneficiaries of the money. maybe is just. Suswam family and Mr. Msoo Mee God day.


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