After reading the May 6, 2013, edition of Verbatim magazine in which had an Asari Dokubo interview titled “Don’t Dream of Buhari”, I have never ceased to wonder the way and manner of this freedom fighters reasoning. I have continuosly imagined what the Ijaw war lord thinks of the reading populace whom he believes he is trying to impress. Being sure of the weight of Verbatim magazine, I am sure his Ijaw brethren will definitely read this explosive piece. What does he think? That they can’t read between the lines?
Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against Asari, as a matter of fact I idolised him at a certian point even though I don’t have any business with him and have never listened to him apart from reading him and about him in newspapers and magazines to whom he is what is usually termed every reporter’s delight- a big fish. Actually my love for him which sprout out of what I saw as unappologetic, deep love for his nationality, which I were are supposed to share in common even drove me to him more.
Reading this piece I couldn’t help but bring to fore these very loud issues which have now changed my perception of this fire spitting revolutionist.
Talking to Verbatim Magazine Asari openly declared himself an international terrorist, else what would you call a freedom fighting organisation whose business is emancipation of ethnic nationality whose mileau is largely the Nigerian Niger Delta region and maybe Cameroon, which has begun opening branches around the world? Do you have marginalised Ijaws in Ghana, Cyprus and all the European Union countries he prides to have branches? I am not well versed in terrorism and espionage lingua but can’t these “off shore” branches  best be described as terrorist cells training terrorist, so that per chance he runs out of business to intimidate even more?
Hear him; “Yes, those conversant with the social media know that we are also operating in several countries. We recently steut up our Ghana branch. We are in Cyprus and in almost all European Union Countries, Australia and in Singapore”. . . We are still in the armed struggle, we have never denied that we are in the arms struggle. We have never done that”.
I also do not understand why Asari who has perisitently denied Ijaw inclusion in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, insist that an Ijaw statesman remain president of a “non-existent” entity, especially that makes bold to say Jonathan’s presidency is an Ijaw presidency and not the player’s.
“I always tell people that if it were about Jonathan, I might not support him. Jonathan’s presdency goes beyond him”.
As my Tiv people will say, ‘once you start eating crabs, there is the tendency to also eat fish someday’.  Why will he want the Ijaws to continue ruling a non-existent entity? Is he saying that if the Ijaws are made to rule Nigeria forever then then it no longer becomes a fraud of a nation as is his present position?
Come to think of it, why would Asari expect to be catered for by a country he owes
Is it not also possible that he may be self serving? When asked if interestedin leading the proposed Ijaw nation, he clearly succinctly retorts; ” Yes. Why not? Nobody fights  for a revolution and hands it over to other people”.
Asari claims to demand contracts from a government he does not believe in for claim of searching for food. Why would he blame his percieved hunger ( even as his children are studying at elite institutions abroad) on a non existent government? This is even more perturbing that Asari had once openly declared his support for the Action Congress of “Nigeria”, when it seemed it looked promising at the time but has turned around to deny his party in search for crumbs from the king’s table. What’s the motivation? Goodluck’s 2015!
Unfortunately, because of my belonging to a minority like him whose resources produced wealth for Nigeria (yes, the groundnuts that made those pyramids came from my village) but have nothing to show,  I am become increasingly dissillusioned in his cause and reason for his erstwhile strong passion for Ijaw emancipation, this drawn from these recent outbursts concerning happenings around the Nigeria, he calls a fraud. Call me a bloody Hausa man after reading this, call me a mulla (as many call us who are not from the south) call me ignorant or even a player hater, I still think Muhajeed Asari Dokubo should take his self serving struggle elsewhere, I think we have seen beyond his facade, we are wiser, his cover has been blown!

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