Beyond 2015: Benue Senators hussle to stay afloat

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As 2015 edges closer, politics in Benue state has taken a critical turn as politicians have began realignments to remain relevant in the dicey Benue political scene. This is even as it is not yet two years into the life of the present administration, there is already a fierce game of wits and maneouvres to remain afloat amongst those believed to be leading politicians in the state for their political future.
As a result of the already established political embroglio, the major players seem to be the three senators representing the state at the senate, two of whom are principal officers of the red chambers.
Information reaching atiterkula has it that the primary reason for this early flexing of muscles is the need to remain politically relevant after their sojourn at the senate in order to sustain their various grips on their believed political dynasties. This struggle for continuous claim to leadership of senatorial districts by these senators which has been viewed by pundits as feudal and cheapening of the players involved even as it undermines the political weight of the. State and North Central political bloc as a whole considering the fact the northern Nigeria is seriously angling for a presidency which the Benue trio so fit into the struggle for this esteemed seat but have chosen to fall back to feudal politics amidst agitations from their peers in the zone for the same presidency.
Research has revealed that leading the pack of Benue senators who are fighting to return is two time party chairman, former Minister of Works, Senator Barnabas Gemade who after several attempts is finally representing the Benue North-East Senatorial district, has finally made it to the hallowed chambers.

Gemade who unaguably is Benue’s politician with the richest political Curriculum Vitae having even attempted to run for presidency has been criticised for his desperation to remain at the senate rather than move further up the ladder rungs especially now that the north central is believed to have legitimate rights to the presidency.
Chief Gemade who was erstwhile criticised for his tight fistedness and non chalance towards constituent yearnings has taken a U-turn as regards his benevolence. The senator who had publicly announced his inability to institute and influence citing of projects owing to his schedule of duties as a legislator and thus restricted to law making has all of a sudden found a way around his earlier restrictions to legislation and has aggressively began implementing and influencing projects for his constituency. Only recently the minister of works was invited by the senator to flag off major road construction projects sited in his mileu, which was closely followed by the approval of several other road projects in the current budget, which have been attributed to the prolific senator, an ability he had once denied having rights to exhibit. This new found gusto has been variously viewed by critics as his response to booings and jeers from constituents in previous outings as well as wide spread rumours of his newest albatross, Gov. Gabriel Suswam’s speculated interest in Gemade’s seat even as the latter has denied any of such allegations.
Also engulfed in the game of wits for survival is the number three citizen of the state and three time senator, Sen. David Mark.
This former governor and minister for communications has been representing Benue South senatorial district since the reinception of democracy fourteen years ago and has been political lord and godfather of the senatorial district, deciding who even becomes councillor in his idoma dominated senatorial district.
David Mark, the experienced political war horse has been accused of selfishness and building hopes of budding politicians only to dash same as soon as they seem to vary in terms of power play within the zone.
Although Mark has been applauded by his idoma folk for his percieved struggle against Tiv superiority in a Benue which always been ruled by the majority Tiv ethnic group, his Idoma brethren have seemingly seen through his percieved schemes which although have placed prominent sons of his ethnic extraction in positions of relevance as a scheme to always remain in power while giving his race the belief of taking them to Uhuru.
On the backdrop of the above deception, is the constant propaganda and promise of emancipation of the Benue South senatorial District, through the creation of Apa state. Most recently it is believed that his constituents have been disillusioned by the farce of state creation as it has become obvious that it is a wild goose chase.
Moreso Mark has also been criticised of short sightedness as he is seen by the Benue people to posses the potential to become president but has been blinded by feudalism.

Also accused of not being ambitious and insensitive to his primary responsibilities is Senate Minority leader and opposition backbone in the state, Senator George Akume.
Akume who after a successful eight year two tenure as governor, he was unanimously offered the ticket of the Peoples Democratic Party on which he slid to the senate to represent Benue North-West senatorial district even when it was not rightly his clan’s turn to produce one according the traditional Tiv sharing formula as practiced.
Akume who has returned to the senate on the wings of the opposition had previously been known for his financial prudence, a reason for his recorded political success has all of a sudden being criticised of negligence.
Most recently, the senate minority has been accused of turning a blind eye to the plight of his constituents. Typically cited as an instance is the frequent attacks of his constituents by fulani herdsmen resulting to numerous deaths and wanton destruction of property, to. Which he has been unable call the attention of the senate or even visit such areas.
According to watchers, Akume has in his bid to retain relevance in the national polity come 2015 has taken to restricting himself to national politics and consolidating his grasp as an opposition leader thereby neglecting his senatorial constituent. Only recently amidst frequent attacks by Fulanis on his constituents the leader of the opposition in the state, Sen. Akume instead of paying sympathy visits and raising the issue on the floor of the senate as is expected, he rather preferred to visit Adamgbe the locality where there was a widely publicised mishap and generously donated nearly 3 million Naira at the occasion while his constituent faced derilious peril in the hands of invaders.


  1. Now that the politician’s bowls are in the toilet’s pit to brutal all those eyeing 2015 electoral posts, the idiosyncracy of our leaders will be exposed to the wise ones. Gemade is an old political leader in benue state and nigeria at large,and who have no archievement to boast with. But was given a full assistance by the governor(by rigging the election in his favour) to win the election. But Now that he started enjoying the throne, he is at an eye-point by the governor. Selfishness and igoism is their possessions. But one day, our yolk shall be untied, boken and destroyed.


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