Sen Akume:Approaching Equity With Dirty Hands

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ImageIn the last two years there have been a lot of controversies and allegations in many quarters that certain political leaders in Benue State holding positions of responsibility in government do not possess genuine certificates.

It all started in September 2010 when a sponsored edition of Power Steering Magazine alleged that Governor Gabriel Suswam forged his WAEC certificates and gained more publicity during the 2011 general elections when an aspirant for the governorship of Benue state, Mr Terver Kakih alleged that his only opponent in the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, primaries Dr Gabriel Suswam is parading forged certificates.

The opposition leaders from the All Nigeria Peoples’ Party, ANPP, and Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, Profs Daniel Saror and Steve Ugbah then cashed in by approaching the Election Petitions Tribunal to declare Dr. Gabriel Suswam is ineligible and unelectable.

But both at the Tribunal and the regular courts, the plaintiffs are yet to convince the learned jurists that their allegations are not false.

Hardly had the political onslaught on Governor Suswam over issues of certificate forgery died down than another mother of all certificate forgery allegations that marvels the world cropped out.

This time around it involves the two time former Governor of Benue State, two times Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Minority Leader, Sen. George Akume.

Sen. Akume is dragged to a Federal High Court in Abuja by one Philip Agbese, an acclaimed Human Rights Activist, alleging that Sen. Akume is also parading fake certificates and that he did not attend the University of Ibadan as he claimed.

Comrade Agbese prayed the court to compel Sen. Akume to tender his certificates for scrutiny failure to which security and other anti crime agencies should swoop on him.

Considering the potent danger this allegation poses, Sen Akume two days after the publication spontaneously published in five national papers, his ‘’genuine certificates’’ from Saint Francis Secondary  School to the second Degree he obtained in Industrial Relations at the University of Ibadan.

This is indeed highly commendable. However he only succeeded in convincing the general public, his supporters and the media and not yet the court and until the court exonerates him, one will not join thousands of his ignorant supporters to celebrate yet considering the fact that he nurtured and harboured avalanche of forgery cases(Suswam’s just being among them) during his regime.

The inclusion of Sen. Akume in certificate forgery is best described as a Karmic attraction arising from his past deeds as a two time governor of Benue state during which time he harboured a lot of people with questionable characters, integrity and certificates and so beaming a search light on him who provided shed to this cheats is no offence at all.

It is on record that under Sen. Akume , characters like Hon Maria Aikulola and John Chia were pontificated without any credible qualification despite courts verdicts restraining them to occupy the offices they held and made the greatest noise simply because they were covered.

We are all living witnesses of Maria Aikulola who represented Okpokwu state constituency from 1999 to 2007 without a veritable school certificate with an avalanche of forged certificates. Her opponent from the UNDP, Hon Robbert Igoche took her to the Tribunal and proved his case against her in 2003 through his Counsel (Michael Kaase Aondokaa, who later became Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation).

But on the day of Judgement, Akume threatened Aondokaa and the case died just like that. Hon Maria Amedu Aikulola enjoyed Igoche’s stolen mandate for two terms.             

Again Sen. Akume, was the one who threw-up Hon John Chia against reputable Kunav sons in persons of Mr Seember Shija(M.Sc Marketing) and Hon Abraham Agba(a reputable banker) to represent the hard working and intelligent people of Tiev State Constituency in the Benue State House of Assembly despite the fact that he was pronounced unqualified, due to non possession of a genuine secondary school certificate.

Sen. Akume did all these things with impunity, while eminently qualified aspirants and candidates watched in despair as their people given mandates were utilised by Akume’s misfits. Thus the ‘’defeated’’ candidates resigned to fate as they prayed to God for justice.

It is ironic that the same man who glorified certificate forgery few years ago to decry that ‘’these jaundiced allegations are capable of casting on Benue people as forgers and fraudsters……….’’ when he in fact celebrated the ordeals of other victims.

While defending himself, Sen. Akume shamelessly noted that ’’ in the case of Governor Suswam,all sorts of legal technicalities have been used to make impossible the trial of the case……!…….. and as a political leader I believe we owe a responsibility to the public to prove that Benue is not about forgers and forgeries… we need to inspire our youths by instilling them with confidence by making public our documents so that they could walk about with their heads high and not think that in Benue you could make it to the top even if you do not have integrity’’.

What a wonderful political leader seeking selective justice for his children!

Sen . Akume should bury his face in shame for producing for Benue these avalanche of certificate forgers and men of questionable characters. Is Governor Gabriel Suswam not his loyalist whom he schooled in the art of rigging over Mahmood Akiga’s mandate for Sankera Federal Constituency in 1999?

Let us begin from John Chia and Maria Aikulola. Let them make public what certificates they had that took them to the state assembly between 1999 and 2007 as their mentor has began before coming to that of Governor Suswam which is just one of the many cases Sen. Akume is conversant with.

It is even rumoured that Sen. Akume was fully aware that Governor Suswam ‘’forged’’ his WAEC certificate but Akume deliberately refused to admonish him as a god father but went ahead as his usual gimmick and handed over to him. Six years after he is accusing the judiciary of using technicalities to thwart justice for his valets.     

Nobody, since the creation of Benue state in 1976, ever heard of cases of certificate forgery from the administration of Mr. Aper Aku and Rev. Fr. Moses Adasu until the advent of the Akume regime.

 Benue people are aware of this ugly development but because Tiv elders and leaders have reduced themselves to ‘’chop-chop’’ gluttons they overlook this due to the Senator’s ‘repressive  benevolence’. Now, who is really fooling who and who is actually lying and who is not.

It is unfortunate that elders and leaders in Tiv land have resorted to ‘chop-chop gluttons’ and deliberately overlook this truth and ugly development for fear that they will not eat from the Senator’s ‘repressing benevolence’ in spite of the severe consequences to the generality of the poor sons and daughters of Takuruku.

All said and done, Benue sons entrusted with leadership positions from Sen. Akume’s regime and those seeking further elections should be subjected to publishing their certificates in major national and local newspapers for public scrutiny to avoid this embarrassing scenario that is giving us a bad reputation.

Hence forth, our leaders too should desist from condoning this unfortunate trend of protecting mediocre and party thugs who must be compensated at all cost even when they did not meet the constitutional requirement of holding such sensitive positions.

We therefore submit that those who alleged as well as the respondents should deeply reflect on their past deals and approach the issues with sincerity because it is only by so doing that the truth will be laid bare or else.

Governor Suswam too should be wary of those he is currently harbouring as KARMA, (Law of Retributive Justice) is on rampage….. Who is next?


This piece is contributory by Freddie Adamgbe


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