Goodluck’s 2015 and Benue 2015 Politics

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By the end of year 2012 and the wake of 2013 the streets of Abuja were
flooded with posters signifying President Goodluck Jonathan’s desire
to run for the presidency by 2015 when his first four year term ends.

Goodluck Jonathan

Goodluck Jonathan

Although this has been attributed to mischief makers who are said to
aim at distracting the president form his good job of provision of
democratic dividends as alleged by his image makers.

Although the Okupe’s have tried to whither down the allegation of
Jonathan’s interest in tenure, it has thus far proven futile as
Jonathan’s familiar body movement speaks in the direction of another
four years in Aso Villa.

Jonathan who came into national limelight after the ouster of his
former boss Deprieye Alamiesgha making him substantive governor of
Bayelsa state and later through former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s
machinations, Vice president to late Umaru Yar’Adua who died to
bequeath him the presidency as dictated by the constitution, has been
through this road with the Nigerian voting populace before.

In 2011, Jonathan who had no desire to leave his new found position,
had variously denied any intention to remain in Abuja while kite
flying; using stake holders from various geo political zones
especially the minorities, even against the already laid down,
unwritten Peoples Democratic Party’s zoning formula which he
jettisoned replacing it with the theory of necessity in a bid to
become president when it was the North’s turn to produce the

Thus many political watchers now believe that Jonathan has started
another journey reminiscent of 2011 where he denied wanting the seat
but later fought tooth and nail to return. This realization falls
against the general political calculations of all political zones in the nation.

By PDP’s arrangement, the position of the presidency automatically
goes back to the North by 2015 and to this end many groups as before
have risen up to make sure the north returns to Aso rock this is even
as Jonathan’s henchmen mostly from the South South led by Chief Edwin
Clarke and his fellow travelers have vowed to return him.

Unfortunately with this scenario about to play, the political
arrangements of many political zones and even at the state will be
altered perchance jonathan gets his way.

In this piece, atiterkula takes a look at how the presidency of
Goodluck Jonathan will affect the North Central and especially
permutations in Benue state and the individual players and political
heavy weights.

Benue state which is largely a PDP state has been in the zoning game
since the return to democracy thus it is expected that with the trend
at the source-Abuja, there must be a rippling effect in the state.
This belief is even more because the state parades an array of
nationally recognized political heavyweights of which many have even
be touted to be eyeing the Aso Rock.

Although it has not been properly laid out where the Governor of the
state is expected to be produced, it is common knowledge that based on
the PDP zoning formula the seat swings between the Benue North Western
Senatorial District and the Benue South Senatorial district.
Unfortunately with the all important role played by the governor and
bleakness of jonathan relinquishing the presidency there is a jumble
in this arrangement as other zones have jumped into the race, a
development according to analysts, is necessitated by the fact that
most of the biggest political players in Benue have their futures too
in limbo and to hang on to political relevance in 2015 will mean to
have a crony in Benue government house hence their wish since desire
to take shots at the Aso villa may not be realized.

Sen. David Mark
Senator David Mark who is a known crony of the president has been

senator David mark

senator David mark

touted to be in the race for the presidency perchance his boss
declines interest in the race.

Unfortunately with Goodluck’s continued
silence, the four time senator whose constituents are already calling
for his retirement coupled with the seeming impossibility of a return
to the senate chambers as Senate president, Mark now nurses the
ambition of controlling the Benue Government house.

Even though this plan to take over the food basket seat of power is
not targeted at making Mark governor, pundits have alleged that there
is a plot to install his loyalist as the next governor when Suswam
leaves the position. According to them, chiefly among such favored
loyalist is the Deputy Governor of the state, Chief steven Lawani
whose posters were recently seen around the state capital; although he

Chief steven Lawani

Chief steven Lawani

has variously denied sponsoring the posters thus pasted neither having
an intention to run, many have seen the voice of Jacob but the Hand of
Esau in this ploy.

To make sure Mark is in-charge come 2015, it is believed that the
senate Henchman is on his way to create Apa state which is his reason
for the support for state creation. This plot which is aimed at
installing his son as governor perchance the bid for state creation
sails through, since he will be deemed too old to run for the seat but
will deserve compensation from his folks who will be happy to be
independent of their much touted oppression from their Tiv neighbors.

Gov. Gabriel Suswam
Gov. Gabriel Suswam, the executive governor of Benue state will by
2015 have expended his constitutional two terms as governor and as
adjudged by watchers is angling for a position in Abuja. Suswam who is
considered one of the fulcrums of both Nigerian and Northern
governor’s forum has variously been strongly linked with an interest

Gov. Gabriel Suswam

Gov. Gabriel Suswam

in the presidency come 2015. It is wide knowledge that Suswam has
already begun the process of bridge building nationwide to pave way
for him when the time is ripe.
The two time House of Representatives member is however believed to be
having a rethink as the body movement of Jonathan who is also a close
ally begins to misinform and make his future uncertain. Most recently
Suswam is believed to be kite flying for the Senate angling to
represent the Benue North East senatorial district. This position has
already been widely publicized with the governor making no serious
efforts at refuting this claim apart from saying the time is not yet
ripe to comment on such decision but always quick to add that he will
be ready to answer the call of his people to serve at the capacity and
any other if called upon.
This decision which many see against the political arithmetic of the
zone as the senate is not supposed to domicile in Suswam’s axis of the
district which has already had its fair share of Eight years under
Sen. Daniel Saror but similar to his predecessor, Sen. George Akume,
who changed the political plan in 2006 to suit his purpose of going to
the senate and not staying redundant, it is believed Suswam’s desire
will not be in doubt once his presidency dream scuttles.

Sen. George Akume
Sen. George Akume, is the Senate Minority leader who has risen to
national political limelight owing to this position and assertion as
leader of the opposition in his home state of Benue and the North
Central. He has been seen by many as Jonathan’s successor come 2015,
though under the umbrella of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN).
Akume who had earlier in his first outing given David Mark a headache
over the Senate Presidency and later became Senate minority leader
though not without controversy and with Tinubu’s timely intervention
has been seen as ACN’s inroad into the north.

Sen. George Akume

Sen. George Akume

Before the recent merger and formation of the Mega party by the Action
Congress of Nigeria(ACN), Congress for Progresive Change(CPC) and All
Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP), it was generally believed that Akume was
the ACN anointed for 2015 as president with a financially buoyant
Tinubu running as vice president but with this merger in place and the
proposal of core northerners in the persons of Mallam Nasir El- Rufai
and Mallam Nuhu Ribadu as flag bearers of this merger, hopes dim for
Akume whose home influence is also on the constant decrease.
This is even as his closest ally Sen. Iorchia Ayu has decided to part
ways with him politically, returning to the PDP a plan aimed at
pushing Atiku’s 2015 plan.

Sen. Barnabas Gemade
Sen. Barnabas Gemade is another obvious political heavyweight whose
chances will be dicey if Jonathan decides to run come 2015. The
Senator representing Benue North East senatorial district has faced a
lot of fire recently back home over his alleged tight fistedness, a
factor to which many have decided to rout for the present Governor in
a bid for him to see reasons as to ousting the senator after his
current sojourn.
Gemade who in turn has turned a new leaf with his self styled form of
generosity is trying to remain afloat at all cost but is also in limbo

sen. Barnabas Gemade

sen. Barnabas Gemade

as governor Suswam is seen to be at home with those calling for his
replacement of the former PDP national chairman since he is also
perceived to be in an indeterminate state on his 2015 employment.
Though variously vowing not to give up his seat to which he said he is
not yet tired of occupying, it is difficult to say if Gemade can make
real his threat as pundits believe his difficulty at financial
benevolence will be a huge stumbling block when faced with Suswam’s
Deep pocket and customary benevolence.

Sen. Iyorchia Ayu
Though believed to be of little political relevance in the state, Sen.
Iorchia Ayu who recently dumped the ACN for PDP is a national
political figure to watch as discussions about northern presidency
come 2015 against Jonathan’s ambition.
Ayu who is a former Senate president is one who has wide acceptance
with the Hausa/Fulani of the northern Nigerian putting him in the good
books of the Northern oligarchy and an obvious tool to unseat Jonathan
since he also has a pocket of friends in the south.
Unfortunately he has been known to be tied to former Vice PresidentDr. Iorchia Ayu
Atiku Abubakar’s apron strings and thus since Atiku is also known to
be interested in the presidency, Ayu who had even in 2011 declared his
interest in the position to close allies but deserted it after Atiku’s
interest is also seen to be waiting on his master to take a stand.
Also counting against him is his perceived monetary style of politics
where he prefers to go with the money, which accounts for his
attachment to Atiku who is known to be an expert in cash and carry
politics and thus there is the fear that with the present decline in
his financial situation, it is also feared that if jonathan sees him
as a threat and decides to dangle the carrot is before him he may fall
prey to the plot.


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