2015 and Benue Governorship Gridlock

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suswamakumedmakWith the advent of the New Year and 2015 edging closer, calculations
and further political arrangements as to who occupies the Benue
Government house at the expiry of Gabriel Suswam’s tenure have
thickened with key players and groups laying claims to right of

Though it can not be clearly spelt out that the incumbent governor has
an anointed candidate, it is widely believed that the seat is
supposedly zoned to specific areas of the state based on political
agreements within groups and organizations in the state.

atiterkula in this piece brings you the different angles to this power

The Zone C Angle

Zone C which refers to the Benue South Senatorial district which is
largely dominated by the Idoma and Igede speaking groups is one of the
major power blocs that lay claim to this right of occupation.

This senatorial district which has produced the Senate President, Sen.
David Mark, has for a very long time been crying of marginalization
and denial owing to her inability to produce the governor of the state
since her creation in 1973.
It is common knowledge that the zone has
only been known to claim the deputy governorship position even when
she always contends for the number one slot.

It can be recalled that in 2006 several of them from the zone
including the then Deputy Governor, Prince Ogiri Ajene, Chief Mike
Onoja, Comr. Abba Morro, Dr. Jerry Agada and the present Deputy
Governor, Chief Steven Lawani, although they all had a wonderful
running with Chief Mike Onoja nearly clinching the ticket of the
Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), if not for the donation of votes by
other candidates who ironically were from that zone to Gov. Gabriel
Suswam, the was a likely hood of producing one from the Benue South
but the marginalized zone opted for the Deputy Governorship slot, an
action no one is yet able to phantom why.

This time also this zone has risen up to claim what they say is
rightfully theirs for the years of patiently waiting for the Tiv
speaking zones to have their fill. Though there have been no real
significations of interests, body movements have shown that players in
the zone are already positioning for this race amongst whom is the
former minister of state for Niger Delta, Hon. Sam Ode and Minister
for Interior, Comr. Abba Morro.

This tussle has been underscored by political watchers owing to the
lack of zeal by other political heavyweights from this zone to
indicate interest in the position.
Moreso there is also an agitation
by opinion blocs from this zone that the zone is not yet ripe and
matured for this enormous task of governing the state, chiefly among
them is the APA 9 who have been variously quoted to be been against
the idea of an Idoma governor by 2015 as according to them it was not
yet ripe.
Also attributed to the lack of zeal for the race is the
anticipation of the creation of Apa state to which the Idoma and Igede
will form majority, here they believe their dream of producing a
number one citizen will be achieved.
Pundits believe this is the core
of the insistence by the Senate President, David Mark, for the
creation of additional states in the proposed constitutional

Zone B Angle

Zone B which refers to the Benue North west Senatorial district which
houses the Tiv speaking group of MINDA extraction, is the strongest in
contention so far in the race with so many aspirants springing up by
the day with some already declaring their intentions for this highly
contested seat.
Their argument is that all other groups in Tiv land
have tasted the governorship except the MINDA axis, thus their

Holes have many times been punched into this claim by pundits from the
Tiv speaking axis as according to them, the zone is not eligible to
occupy the government house come 2015 as they term it cheating on the
other Tiv houses since this same zone occupies the Tor Tiv position
which is the traditional head of the Tiv kingdom hence their argument
“ihyev iluun icar ihar ga”(a rat does not have two tails) and so
according to them, in the spirit of equity and fair sharing the seat
should not be domiciled there. This situation, antagonists of this
position have quoted the emergence of first civilian governor Aper Aku
as against the appointment of a Tor Tiv from his senatorial zone as a model but believers in this cause have also advanced the
reason that the seat of the governor and that of the Tor Tiv are two
different entities and thus they should not be denied the governorship
of the state on this ground.

This argument however is been faulted by many even from the non-Tiv
speaking axis of the state who are overtly not concerned about the Tiv
divides but the fact that the two Tiv speaking zones in Benue state
have produced the state governor variously and thus should make way
for the Benue south which has never had a shot at the seat.

Zone A Angle

The Zone A which constitutionally refers to the Benue North East
Senatorial district is the zone that currently occupies the Benue seat
of power but that not withstanding; it is still in contention for this
exalted seat of the Benue state governor by 2015.

Though seen by many as injustice and gluttony as they are acclaimed to
have had more shots at the position than any zone, those angling for
the seat of power to be retained in the North East Senatorial District
claim that their right to the seat is drawn from the fact that the
Jeichira people of Tiv extraction did not finish the tenure given them
in 1992 when Rev. Fr. Moses Adasu was governor from that zone and thus
according to them, it is only fair that they be allowed to select
someone to finish their supposed rightful tenure.

Also gearing to occupy the Benue seat of power are those who believe
in the theory of ichongo and ipusu dichotomy in Tiv land.
According to
them the seat of the governor of benue state is at the moment
domiciled in the Ipusu where the present governor is from and should
thus be shifted to the Ichongo axis where many have risen to claim
this position.
Chiefly amongst which is the Kwande axis of the Benue
North East senatorial district which has elements of ichongo in the
turan people of Kwande local government and thus they have also laid
claim to this seat.

Though widely touted no response has been officially gotten from the
governorship candidate of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), Prof.
Steve Ugbah, who has also been insinuated to still be in the race
since he is also of Ichongo extraction as the ugondo clan to which he
hails from is ichongo despite being in the same Local Government with
governor Gabriel Suswam.


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