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I am humbled to be the one nominated among the many other Tiv Sons and Daughters to present this speech on behalf of the 2012 ATE-U-TIV Carnival events.

This press conference is one of the many other events that the Publicity committee of the Central Planning Committee has planned for this year’s event.

The ATE-U-TIV, a social media platform, started upon the realisation of using the power of networking to connect the Tiv world wide to the development of their homeland in 2005.

It was known as Global Tiv Networks. Ideas were shared on this forum and there was need to register it as an association so that it can play a significant role in the development of the nation, thence the name Association for Tiv Empowerment (ATE).

After social interactions on line for so many years, members decided to meet and put faces to posts and discussions. So in 2011, An Ate End of Year party (AEoYP) was put together.

It is upon this initial attempt that our “Ate Carnival” is built.This year’s EOYP is tagged ‘Ate Carnival’, it is aimed at uniting the entire Tiv Nation in order to foster strength, growth and development.

The carnival also seeks to create a tourism specific through these annual events characterized by showcasing our rich and yet untapped cultural heritage.

It is our firm belief that we can export our cultural potentials to the world to gain economic value and a unique identity.

We have chosen a theme for this year’s event to reflect on the socio economic needs and the challenges that face the generations yet unborn in homeland, as evident in our every day life as a people.

Dis-unity amongst the Tiv has brought about gross underdevelopment in human, material and economic resources.

Over the years, this has gradually affected the economic well-being of the Tiv nation thus leading to our loss of self esteem and relevance among other ethnic groups in the country.

The theme “Uniting and Empowering the Tiv Nation” therefore seeks to address this situation during the symposium session of the carnival focusing on Why, Who, Where, what and when, as follows:

Why do we have so much disunity and disenchantment towards a collective development in Tar Tiv?

Where do the Tiv people have to start the re-building and re-awakening process?

What would be the most important activity and project to embark upon as a catalyst for Tiv unity and socio-economic empowerment?

When is the time to commence the rebuilding process and the expected mile stones?


The three day event will kick off in December (27th – 30th), with a medical outreach.
This outreach is to focus mainly on communities that are underprivileged in terms of accessible and affordable medical health centers.

The event proper is scheduled to take place for three days, between (December 30th -1st ):

Day 1-December 30th, will open with the Ate Carnival road show where the different Tiv lineages will showcase their individual heritages. There will also be a feast/food fair which will also display that aspect of their culture.

Day 2-December 31sta. Morning Session – Symposium where a communiqué will be ultimately presented to the Tor Tiv. This will be done alongside the arts and craft exhibition.b. Afternoon session – sports (football & Volleyball), the two teams will cut across the many divides in the state.
a. Morning Session – talent and creativity show. Morning & Afternoon session – Art & Craft exhibition
b. Day 3 – January 1stThe Evening session would Red-carpet and Awards dinner and gala night.

The objective for the lineup of event however is basically to create a forum for a healthy stakeholders’ dialogue on ways of Uniting and Empowering the Tiv Nation”It is a deliberate scheme aimed at seeking a rebirth and solutions to the situation of the growing dis-unity and socio-economic decline in Tar Tiv and among the Tiv people around, even those in the Diaspora.

We have tried made efforts to bring in some prominent Tiv sons and daughters that in the not too long past have seem to be a daggers drawn against each other for reasons that are not exactly in the collective interest of the Tiv nation.

In view of this therefore, the Novelty match that would b e played on the second day of the event would feature the Incumbent Governor of the State Gabriel Torwua Suswam and Professor Steven Ugba, the face of opposition in Benue state on one side (Zone A) and the leader of the leading opposition party in the whole of Northern Nigeria, erstwhile Governor of Benue State, Senator George Akume.

We want to use this opportunity to invite all Tiv Sons to attend the Carnival which would feature most of the seemingly forgotten cultural heritage that we the Tiv people are known for.

And the Football match that would be novel and epoch making, and the Symposium, which would be centered around the Theme of Uniting and Empowering the Tiv Nation for Development.
With Pastor Peter Ichull and Emma Ukera Esq. moderating, Papers would be presented by Professor Nancy Agbe, Leonald Shilgba Ph.D, Demenongo Agev (A Director at the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Arch. Terver Gemade, Dr. Timothy Ijir and Jeniffer Gbishe- Ehimika-who would talk on Grass root mobilization an tax, and of course Kelvin Acka of the Tiv Federal Quota.

On behalf of the Central Planning Committee, We appreciate your presence here in honour of the press conference and the fact that you have agreed to identify with this course, I commend you all.May God bless you and merry Christmas and happy newyear in advance.
Thank you all.


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