Hembe and His Unending Woes

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Rt. Hon. Iorwase  Herman Hembe, a two time House of Representatives Member Representing the Jehira federal constituency of Benue state. A very outspoken parliamentarian has been in the news sine his sojourn to the green chambers from the Etteh banana peel to the Otteh saga.Hembe one again is in a running battle with his constituents to save his seat. atiterkula brings us the behind the scene shots.

When Herman Hembe  took to the political scene in 2011 seeking to represent  the Jechira federal constituency   in the House of Representatives, very few saw the seasoned student activist turned
politician stand a  chance against   political heavy weights from the constituency who were lined up to fill the same position. Even as Hembe was a perceived green horn and also an underdog who was
obviously disadvantaged owing to his novitiate stance as well as age-Hembe was in his early thirties, the young man pulled a surprise at the weeklong katsina ala Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) primaries where he trumped his competitors.
Hembe’s victory at the primaries and subsequent triumph at the general elections opened a new vista to his life as he became a man of national discourse.  The second timer who is touted to be one the members of the House of Representatives with the highest number of bills, known to be very vocal at the floor of the national assembly and more at his committee sittings, playing important and notable
roles in the House of Representatives, has in the line of duty made friends and foes alike; fought and is still fighting battles to stay afloat as well as carve a niche for himself.

Hon. Herman Hembe in his first outing in 2011 had made his appearance very noticeable when the financial misappropriation probe was instituted against the then speaker of the House, Hon. Patricia Etteh who was finally impeached. Observers have always identified Hembe, who is a known buddy of former speaker Hon. Dimeji Bankole, as an important player in this plot which was led by the famous integrity group. This coup was one of serious national controversy as it was the true test of the green chamber, with him as a star player.
With a colorful legislative outing, many now expected that he would just glide into another term but this was only to be wished as he met a very stiff opposition from the home front in his tussle to return to the comforts of the hallowed chambers in Abuja. Hembe who was paraded as an ally of the sitting governor Rt. Hon. Gabriel Suswam came home to meet an array of challengers to his seat, as in 2011 not verybody
believed he would even make it through the nomination exercise talk more of the general polls, as money and chance stood gallantly against him but like the survivor he had proven, pulled through one again.
On his return to Abuja, Hembe remained as militant but armless as usual. He was appointed chairman house committee on stock market and in the wake of attempted system sanitation by the National assembly via probes and committee hearings, Hembe’s Stock Market committee stole the show once again.
The Benue State University trained lawyer who is perceived by many as pompous and braggadocios, fearlessly took on the chairman of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), Ms. Arumah Otteh, for alleged financial misappropriation. The NSE boss, who would not let her image be soiled without a fight, served Hembe a blow below the belt as she rent accusations   the way of her accusers claiming they had asked her for some financial inducement which she had obliged to but still had to face the heat thus parried her way. In what seemed a verbal fisticuff of some sort, Hembe in the process lost his juicy chairmanship of the House committee to pave way for indept investigations into the allegations boomeranged at him.

Though it is yet to be proven whether Hembe was guilty as charged or not as the case has been taken over by the Economic Financial crimes commission  (EFCC) and has culminated in a court action, but the aim of this expose is not to decipher his guilt or otherwise but highlight his battles, past and present. His battle with Otteh has seemingly taken the dimension of staring into the legendary Medusa’s face as his
woes have deepened ever sine with his culprit nearly vindicated.
Watchers have variously quoted Hembe of crying foul play and abandonment from his party the PDP in the period of his travails. He even made bold to state this in an interview with a national daily where he lamented his abandonment and even went further to acknowledge the Senate Minority leader, Sen. George Akume as the only person who had shown concern throughout this period.
Unfortunately this did not go down well with his party back at home and even at the centre with his publicized affinity to Akume who was already declared persona non grata in his home state by the PDP which he had left for the AcN and was in a running battle to discredit.

With this Hembe seems to have been sealed as he is not only battling with Ms Otteh and the EFCC but also his own PDP back home where he is in a battle to save his seat in a renewed battle cry. Just last week the local chapter of the PDP in Hembe’s Konshisha Local government signified interest in recalling the outspoken parliamentarian just two years into his renewed term for what they allege as anti party activities. According to them he had acted during the local government polls in manners that were liable of thwarting the efforts of the PDP and even nearly causing their loss.
In a petition addressed to the state chairman of the party, signed by 48 elders and members of the party’ caucus from Konshisha, they alleged that Hembe had sponsored and played crucial roles in the
campaign of candidates from the opposition.

Also irking the elders is the fact that Hembe had during the flag off of zonal campaigns for elections had treated the PDP flag presented him with disregard by squeezing it and even refusing to present it to the governor of the state like other candidates.
The petitioners who claim the legislator is feeding fat of the PDP but still fighting have demanded that He be recalled from the House of Representatives as their representative as according to them, Hembe
cannot be allowed to benefit from the PDP and still sponsor candidates against it. They have in result requested that Section 68(1) of the electoral act be invoked to recall him from the house.
But watchers of this political drama have suggested that this recall notice has everything to do with Hembe’s new found associate and political courtship with Sen. George Akume who is at logger heads with the state governor who the legislator claims has abandoned him in his time of travails.

It is believed by them that Hembe, who is known to be head strong had gone ahead to establish a relationship with the former governor in a bid to spite Suswam and the PDP.
Hembe it is also believed was in return handed the leadership of the ACN in Konshisha local government during the just concluded local government polls where he decided the choice of candidates for the
party  which he allegedly sponsored during the election, this many believed was the reason why Sen. Joseph Akaagerger had to abandon the ACN and beat a quick return to the PDP as he is believed to be the leader of the party in that local government thus deemed it a slight on his persona for Hembe who is still a card carrying member of the PDP be given authority above him in the ACN in his domain.
Although no official reaction has emanated from the Benue state  chapter of the PDP or Hembe’s quarters as regards the said petition, pundits believe the last is yet to be seen of this budding activist
turned politician’s travails and battle to stay afloat even as there is a recall notice and a court case hanging above his neck like the hang man’s noose.

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