Many religions believe in the concept of reaping and sowing. This concept entails that what ever one does today must reflect tomorrow;for every action there is a resultant repercussion in like manner. This many call Karma.                             
Though this piece is not crafted to serve any religious purpose neither is it aimed at substantiating this theory, it rather aims at bringing to fore the repitition of history and happenings in relation to actions of concerned political players.
Karma as practiced is now believed to be taking place in Benue state political scene viewing the happenings on the political scene involving major players and actors in the state. atiterkula in this piece will tend to expose pointers to the application of the laws of Karma in Benue State, viewing the different democratic regimes and the repitition of patterns.

When Akume assumed office in 1999 after years of millitary rule, he became the Third elected governor of Benue State. Akume who was elected under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), whose foremost promoters were his former boss and friend, Dr. Iorchia Ayu and his  in-law Chief Barnabas Gemade
His Actions
Akume had in the first years of his eight years in  the Benue state government house initiated a running battle with the leader of the opposition in the state, Mr. Paul Unongo of the All  Peoples Party a battle which lasted seven years of this regime. It was this battle that resulted the famous war in Kwande local goverment which lasted over two years claiming thousands of lives and millions worth of property destroyed.Image
According to political analysts, this war was presumably caused by Akume’s insistence on blanket victory, making sure the opposition in the state especially Kwande where Unongo hailed did not win any seat at all. Akume made sure as a mark of assertion of his political superiority, made sure Benue returned only PDP candidates in 2003 causing pockets of violence in Kwande and his home place of Tarkaa Local Government.
Prior to Akume’s battle against Unongo, was his sidelining of his acclaimed estranged godfather, Chief Gemade who is widely said to be the wallet behind the nurturing and subsequent victory of Akume and the  PDP in the state. This battle which many have blamed Dr. Ayu as its mastermind, totally removed Gemade from Benue local politics sending him on exile to Abuja. It was this battle that culminated into the ousting of Gemade as PDP national chairman.
Also during this eight year sojourn, Akume also engaged his political  predecessor Fr. Moses Adasu, in a bid to dim the former’s towering popularity as well as his ambition to return to the government house. Sources have it that Adasu’s criticism and later desire to unseat Akume earned the former who had been a lecturer at the Benue state University a termination of service at the University which he built in his 15 months in office.   Akume is also touted to have withdrawn all constitutional  percks and privileges due the former governor. Many believe this action resulted in Adasu’s death as he died in penury.
Hon. Gabriel Suswam who came into political prominence at the early age of 34 as a member of the federal house of representatives under the umbrella of the PDP in 1999 became the toast of many after beenImage picked by his former political bedmate, Sen. George Akume, amongst an array of aspirants to suceed him in 2007 as Benue governor.
His Actions/Akume’s Karma
On assumption of office in 2007 as Governor of Benue State, Suswam maintained a cordial relationship with his benefactor, Sen. Akume, but this romance was shortlived as in a bid to carve a niche for himself, also fell out with Akume whose influence according pundits was already  chocking a younger and independent minded Suswam.
Sequel to this fall out which till date concrete reasons have not been advanced, Akume in the same manner he fought Gemade, who at a point in 2003was forced into exile in the United Nigeria Peoples Party(UNPP),  was also  stiffled out of the PDP, pitching tents with the Action Congress of Nigeria(ACN) where he ran a successful senatorial campaign but failed to unseat Suswam.
As if to replay history and serve Akume the fruit of his style of democracy, the just concluded Local Government polls which has in contrast to Akume’s battle with Unongo which was ended in violence, is relatively peaceful though pockets of violence but as political watchers have revealed it also witnessed some form of rigging to ensure the opposition(ACN) lost out completely as was the case in 2003.
The ACN and Akume loyalists have variously discredited the polls especially in local governments of Buruku, Tarkaa and Gboko which were touted to be opposition biased but have been won and delivered by the PDP, but have acknowledged that the cry of foul play by Akume and is lot should rather be seen as karma in play.

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