G10:Unmasking Mr. Philip Agbese and his ethnic Agenda of “Pull Tiv Down”

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Unmasking Mr. Philip Agbese and his ethnic Agenda of “Pull Tiv Down” (PTD)Text of a press statement by the Tiv Renaissance Youth Forum (TRYF) on the questionable activities of a group called G10:Unmasking Mr. Philip Agbese and his ethnic Agenda of “Pull Tiv Down” (PTD)

For quite some time now our attention has been drawn to the activities of a group called, Concerned Benue Citizens Coalition (G10) led by one Philip Agbese.

This organization claims to be a civil society group.As an organization that believes without reservation in the sanctity of democracy, credibility, accountability and probity, we decided to carefully observe the activities of this group with a mind to see if we could join forces with them in the best interests of our state and the country at large.Sadly, observable facts have since revealed that the group is, without doubt, pursuing a course that skews more towards blackmail and extortion as tools being employed in a clannish crusade targeted to pull down, molest, embarrass, intimidate and cast in bad light highly place Tiv sons and daughters who are doing well in their areas of endeavour but unfortunately to the utmost chagrin of evil men.

For the records, since we started following the activities of this self centred group of Idoma boys, we are yet to see where they have discovered to unravel any wrong doing of their Idoma brothers. Yet, the group has on many occasions, variously insulted, accused, intimidated and cast aspersions on Tiv sons, calling them names with a glaring intent to either pull them down or cast them in awfully bad light.

It was this same group that exhibited the highest ethnic sentiment by taking Hon. David Iorhemba to court, asking him to vacate his seat as a lawmaker since there was a court ruling that Agasha constituency has been restored. But as expected the group deliberately ignored the fact that Otukpa constituency too was restored through the same court order and the member representing the area was still occupying the seat.

But when Iorhemba was alleged to have “behave”, he is now their hero before Mr. Agbese and he co travellers.The same group turned a blind eye to the calculated incessant delay in release of monies in running of government, unwarranted delay in payment of worker’s salaries and the monumental corruption that is going on in the ministry of finance headed by their brother who was also fingered as the head of the cartel that masterminded the recent multi billion naira fertilizer scam in the state but went ahead to accuse Hon. Kenneth Iyo, a member representing Gwer-West at the Benue state house of Assembly of corruption.

Here too, it was later discovered that the group was heavily sponsored to blackmail Iyo before the public with an intention of silencing him in the Assembly.

To further their ethnic agenda, the group went ahead to use the media to not only cast in bad light but also claimed to have dragged through a petition, one of our most experienced and dynamic legal giant, Justice Ikpambese to the National Judicial Commission (NJC).At the moment, we have already reliably gathered that as usual, sponsored by enemies of the Tiv nation, the group is preparing to raise carefully fabricated stories of corruption against some of the most industrious and achieving sons of the Tiv nation including, Dr. Paul Orhii of NAFDAC, Minister of State for Trade and Investment, Hon. Samuel Ortom, Roberts Orya of the NEXIM Bank, and Chairman, Board of Internal Revenue Services (BIRS), Mr. Andrew Ayabam amongst others.

We are told that the sponsors of the devilish plot who are two members of the Executive Council from Idoma have already jointly given them N1m to execute the project.

Like Ortom and Orhii whose only crime we gathered is the suspicion that they may contest the 2015 Governorship which our Idoma brothers feel should be given to them this time, we already know that since coming into office, these same people mounted pressure on the BIRS boss accusing him of employing more Tiv than Idoma forgetting that the Tiv contributes about 70% the population of the state.It is more worrisome that a group that claims to be for justice has never deemed it necessary to address the issues of imbalance in the recruitment of Benue indigenes in the police, military and para-military establishments where a carefully masterminded fraud by prominent Idoma leaders has continually seen Idoma names in Tiv local governments making them to, with less than 20% population always taking over 95% of slots given to Benue.

Is Agbese’s Concerned Benue Citizens Coalition saying the Idoma’s are too clean and don’t engage in any wrong doing except the Tiv people? Or has he forgotten or rather chosen to conveniently sweep under the carpet the fact that a prominent Idoma son who holds a high national leadership position had collected contract and payment for the construction of the Aliede-Otukpo-Enugu federal road, yet had failed to execute the project leading to its revocation.

And because we know the fellows sponsoring this group to malign our people but chose to give them time to repent, we like to advise Mr. Philip Agbese to stay clear of the path of our brothers and sisters for we value them just as he values his Idoma brothers.

Sign:President: Bemgba Ismaila IortyomSecretary: Titus T. Najime



  1. inokpa idoma says:

    ati terkula am aware that u did this so called press conference and what you are looking for is a court action to publicize ur fictitious tales but i ll not glorify you and mr andrew ayabam with a response.


  2. this is incredible but u made a total mess of ur group by giving it an ethnic colouration. the idomas are not saints and also the characters mentioned so far. are u saying andrew ayabam didnt do anything before he was suspended from birs? sut up! allow andy my friend to defend himself


  3. aondawasecha@yahoo.com says:

    na true ati. na idoma hold the money for project? or salary? u claim the man there is your unkle so tell him to pay these guys their money


  4. Ameh Ejika says:

    wonderful write up. it is a fact that this hungry group has been blackmailing and extorting benue sons. it is unfortunate that the tivs are the worse hit by this group in search of food.


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