BENSESA Promises Healthy Post- Flood Environment

Posted: September 28, 2012 in BENUE, Uncategorized
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ImageThe General Manager Benue State Environmental Sanitation Agency (BENSESA), Mr.

Ediga Akpa, has stated that the agency is already preparing for the aftermath of the flood

which has swept through the nation and Benue in particular.

Ediga who spoke to newsmen in his makurdi office hinted that although the floods had

obviously been accopmanied with sewage which is possible of causing disease and

breaking epidemics during and after the predicament, his agency has already drawn a

plan as to averting such situation.

The General Manager who also conducted a tour of the camps which hold the victims of

the flood mishap inspecting the sanitary conditions of the settlement camps emphasized

the need for proper sanitary practices in the camps so as to avoid potential outbreaks.

In a bid to maintain sanitary standards, the agency has enforced compulsory sanitation

days which will be conducted under the supervision of staff from the ministry. The board

has since deployed waste disposal buckets for proper waste disposal.

Meanwhile, Agency has also joined forces with sister agencies to provide healthy and

safer amenities such as water and provision of better sanitary ends.

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