The Benue State Commissioner for Information, Hon. Conrad Wergba has been directed the Benue State House of Assembly, to walk out of the Benue State Executive Council within seven days.

ImageThis call by the assembly was made yesterday after an interaction with the commissioner who was sent for by the Assembly to explain indictments of arm twisting the executive and lies leveled upon them by Conrad Wergba in a recent press release.

Conrad who appeared before the assembly clad in a white kaftan, had earlier admitted guilt of wrongly accusing the assembly of arm twisting the excutive a habit he had earlier termed in his release as “the hallmark of the assembly”.

According to an over confident Wergba, his outburst was only a strategy he had adopted on assumption of office to defend his boss- the state governor he further stated that his comments were in no way meant to cause the damage thus alleged. He further went on to retract his reproachful statement saying that he regretted ever saying such words and begged that he be seen only as a barometer to guage the reactions in government and not as a person.

This Acceptance of guilt thus earned him some form of pardon as Hon. Godwin Akaan therefore raised a motion to allow the commissioner leave for further forethought by the house over the issue since he had accepted blame and guilt, to which the speaker and house consented.

  • However the table tilted when the issue of owed salaries of Assembly members and other civil servants in the state was raised by the house, the commissioner in the same obvious confidence challenged the house as to having evidence to the fact that the members had lied in saying they were not paid as he could furnish them with supplementary voucher to buttress his claim.Image

The insistence of the commissioner as to the government not owing salaries thus triggered adverse effects from members of the house led by Hon. Benjamin Adanyi(ACN), representing Makurdi South Constituency and Hon. James Ochojila (PDP) representing Ohimini state constituency, who moved the motion and seconded respectively, that the commissioner be asked to resign within seven days for lying to the people of the state by that contravening 5th schedule, Part One subsection 9 of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the motion was put into vote with an unanimous vote in its support, with all efforts by the speaker of the Assembly, Hon. David Iorhemba to douse the tension amounting to futility.



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