Benue operating two Government Houses and two Governors– Agan

Posted: August 12, 2012 in BENUE, political, Uncategorized
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Conference of Nigeria Political Parties (CNPP) Benue state chapter chairman, Engr. Baba Agan has accused Governor Suswam of operating two government houses.


This is even as he also accused the Prof. Joseph Ahire led State Independent Electoral Commission (BSIEC) of secretly availing the local government elections timetable to the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) before unveiling it to the other political parties and the general public.


He said that the development where, while the legitimately recognised Governor, Mr. Gabriel Suswam is going about his duties of directing affairs of the state and his elder brother, Mr. Terkula Suswam is also seen issuing orders and threatening appointee who may want to question his authority is not in the interest of the state especially that the occupants of these houses are seen to be operating with almost equal powers.


Agan, while decrying the lackadaisical attitudes of some government appointees, especially, commissioners and called for an immediate cabinet reshuffle said ‘it is unfortunate that the Governor has his commissioners and his brother, Terkula also has his’.


He regretted that going by the antecedents of the administration, the commissioners that reports ‘properly’ to Terkula, no matter how poor they performed can only be touched with his approval.


On the preparations of other parties towards the forthcoming council polls, the CNPP chairman said they are carefully watching the situation, vowing that any further suspicion that rather than be neutral, BSIEC is showing sympathy with PDP will force CNPP to call their members to distance self from the process.

‘…we are making a serious former complaint to the electoral body; we will show them evidence why we know of their romance with PDP. If they give us assurances, then we will give them a benefit of the doubt but keep watching them keenly so that we can know our next step in case of any unwholesome arrangement’.

  1. Keghter says:

    That is unconstitutional


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