Suspected Feud Brewing in the Benue state executive council

Posted: July 13, 2012 in BENUE, political, Uncategorized
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Indications are rife that all is not well with members of the Benue state executive council, especially Commissioners as they are at present inaudibly trading words and accusing the Commissioner for Finance, Mr. Omadachi Oklobia of deliberately slowing down pace of development for incessantly delaying release of funds even when approvals in that regard are appropriately obtained.
Mr. Oklobia is also accused amongst other things of neglecting due process and solely committing government to IPOs amounting to millions of naira where there are insinuations that his interest is always highly protected.
atiterkula was  confidently informed that after the 2012 budget was passed, some Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDA) observed that figures allotted to them were variously tempered with a development that created tension but was carefully resolved with the intervention of Governor Suswam. According to sources who confirmed the grumblings amongst the commissioners, the development has gone sectional now hence it was observed that approvals that have to do with ministries, parastatals or agencies that are chaired the Mr. Oklobia’s tribesmen of Idoma extraction are giving the desire accelerated desired attention and in some cases commit payments with instructions to his subordinate in the ministry that he has verbal approvals from the governor.
The recent pronouncement by the Finance Commissioner during the last ministerial briefing that more than N2bn was used for foreign trips is also said to have deepened the friction in the system with some have accused him of divulging information that may cause public criticism of the administration.
It would be recalled that during briefing on his ministry’s stewardship, Mr. Oklobia debunked insinuations that he deliberately delays release of funds to ministries, parastatals, departments and individuals saying his ministry will henceforth attach revenue to expenditure, adding that when they complain, ask them how much revenue their ministries or agencies have been able to generate at a given time. When contacted in his office yesterday over the allegations, he declined comments saying, “…they want it in print so go and publish”

  1. Richard says:

    Everytin in nigeria is tribalistic…wonda why it ended up,we hv so many tribes in africa


  2. su'eddie says:

    Well, till everything is made concrete, we can’t just rely on ‘indications’, can we?


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